YogaHub’s Perkville Rewards Program

Sign Up To Perkville

YogaHub has partnered with Perkville to offer an online reward system. It’s a fun and easy way to earn credits for attending classes, workshops and more! Sign up and start earning points right away. Not signed up with Perkville yet? No problem, you can sign up HERE or if you are already registered you can login HERE. Full info on YogaHub’s Perkville Reward Program can be found HERE.


How It Works

Once you have reached 500 points on YogaHub’s Perkville Rewards Program, you must redeem those points through your Perkville account for the 50% OFF 1 Month of YogaHub’s Month-to-Month Membership coupon. When you do that, we will automatically receive an email and then discount your next payment by 50% as soon as possible. If you have any queries about your Perkville account then please email


Redeeming Perks

  • 500pts – Month-to-Month Members : 50% OFF 1 Month of YogaHub’s Month-to-Month Membership
  • 500pts – 6 Months & 1 Year of YogaHub: €44.50 Account Credit which can be used as part payment toward another membership or for workshops.
  • All members are to redeem the same coupon “50% OFF 1 Month of YogaHub’s Month-to-Month Membership”. If you are a Month-to-Month member then your next payment will be discounted by 50%. If you are a 6 Month or 1 Year of YogaHub Member then €44.50 credit will be applied to your account. You will receive confirmation when this has been done.

Earning Perks

  • +50pts – Birthday
  • +25pts – Join rewards program
  • +10pts – Completed Feedback Request
  • +10pts – Workshop Attended
  • + 5pts – Facebook Check In
  • + 5pts – Class Attended