Suitable for All Levels from total Beginners upwards

Yin yoga is a very slow and mostly still practice which works on many levels for the body, mind and soul. The palette of yin postures to choose from is relatively limited and most of these are on the floor. We hold the postures for a minimum of 3 minutes, and some postures up to 8-10 minutes.

Physiologically, the yin practice targets the body’s fascia. Energetically, links can be established between yin and Traditional Chinese Medicine through the targeting of meridian lines during the practice.

Yin yoga also offers us an excellent opportunity to prepare the body for meditation as it is an attentive ‘stillness practice’. And on an emotion level, we have an ideal context in which to access greater understanding around ‘letting go’ – which remains for many of us the hardest asana.

During a yin yoga practice we can tune into the yin qualities of softening and surrendering, and really cultivate kindness, acceptance and compassion. And the best part – yin yoga is truly accessible for every ‘body’ as there are no aesthetic alignment instructions.

Yin yoga is an ideal practice for beginners, and is an excellent complementary practice for those interested in mindfulness and meditation.