8 amazing ways that yoga can make you a better runner.

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They might seem worlds apart, but I think that running and yoga have a really special connection. They both help us move our body in a healthy way, connect deeply to our breath, and find that elusive state of flow. And there are some ways that yoga can make your performance as a runner even better! Let’s check ‘em out. You breathe better   As a species, humans have kind of…forgotten how to breathe. It’s sad but it’s true! Notice…

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The Mindfulness Of Daily Tasks

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I love simple daily tasks. Those small rituals that sometimes go unnoticed. The process of making coffee. The feeling of a shower. Looking out the window before leaving my home to see what the sky looks like. Putting exactly enough laundry detergent in the washer. Eating just the right amount for lunch. Putting one foot in front of the other as I walk down the street. Putting on the most comfortable clothes when I come home at the end of the…

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Having trouble speaking your truth? Your throat chakra could need some tuning up. Here’s how.

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The throat chakra The throat chakra – or Vishuddha – is home to our communication – both speaking and listening – and self-expression. It extends from our throat to include our neck, jaw muscles, and thyroid, and physical ailments in these areas can be the result of a blocked throat chakra. When our throat chakra is blocked, we find it difficult to speak our truth, maybe out of fear. We also have a harder time actually realising what our truth even is….

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How To Balance In Any Yoga Pose

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Whether you’re on one foot, one hand, or just standing in a Warrior pose, balance is an element that we should all incorporate in our practice. Below are a few tips for maintaining strength and ease as you balance in your asanas. 1 – Drishti, or in English, the “focused gaze”. We spoke more about this in our past Drishti post which you can see in our blog archives. Put simply, it means focusing your eyes on one point. It’s very easy…

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Yoga pose holding feet

5 Ways To Ground Your Practice

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Whether you have your own personal practice, or you only do yoga in a group, there are a few ways you can find grounding in any type of practice, on any kind of day. Slow your breath. Take slower, deeper, longer breaths. Take care not to exaggerate the breath, but deepen it by breathing in for just 1 or 2 seconds longer, and breathing out for 1 or 2 seconds longer. Keep this deep breathing awareness when you’re still and…

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Autumn Yoga

4 Poses For Relaxing Into Autumn

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As the weather sets in for autumn, you may notice your body and your mind being swept up with the change. After an active summer, it may be hard to slow down to the pace of autumn. As the late sunny nights of summer die off, the feeling in the air is more of introspection and getting cosy and snug indoors. Check out the following poses for helping to stay grounded and joyful through the transition: Cow Face Pose –…

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Want more love in your life? Here’s how to open your heart chakra.

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Anahata – the heart chakra Here we are – chakra number four! Anahata, more commonly known as the heart chakra, is situated in the centre of your chest. Radiating out from both the front body and the back body, Anahata marks the movement from a more physical element to a more spiritual one as we travel up through the chakra system. We feel a lot of vulnerability in the heart chakra, and so we often close it off and guard…

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Flexibility Vs. Strength In Yoga

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There are so many people who start yoga with the intention of gaining flexibility. While this is a huge benefit from keeping a consistent yoga practice, it’s not the only thing thing that your body will gain from learning asanas and yoga sequences. Would you believe that, in terms of keeping a sustainable, healthy yoga practice, strength building is equally as important as gaining flexibility? There is a saying from a book written more than 1,700 years ago in regards…

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Why do yogis say OOOOOOOOMMMMM?

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For lots of us, the sound Om probably conjures up lots of images like this: Which is not necessarily the most relatable visual for many of us who are squeezing ourselves into a 6pm Flow class after a long day at work. But Om is, by its very definition, for everyone. So let’s dig a little deeper, past the clichés and the stereotypes, and find out what it is about this sound that makes it so magical. If you’ve ever attended a…

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YogaHub Teachers’ Favourite Tunes To Yoga To: Part V

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It’s been a while since we published a new YogaHub Teachers’ playlist. We hope you’ve enjoyed listening to our past playlists, I, II, III, and IV. And now, with 2 new studios and a few new teachers, we’re ready for some new tunes. Check out the songs below and have a listen on our Spotify playlist. Aisling Milne – “Oxide” Niklas Aman Art – “Things Left Unsaid” Pink Floyd Brian – “Elegia” New Order Casey – “Om Namo Narayani” Edo…

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