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Ian MacLeod comes to yogahub

We can't wait to welcome the amazing Ian MacLeod to yogahub this April with a Weekend of Workshops!

As an overweight child who played team sports, Ian was prone to injuries and discomfort. This continued until after college when he entered a bodybuilding competition and achieved his leanest physique. Despite his outward success, something was missing inside and he realized he needed to find a more balanced and sustainable approach to fitness. Ian tried a variety of methods, but the intensity of the workouts took a toll on his joints and overall well-being, prompting Ian to seek a healthier, more holistic path. Ian has continually refined his approach to training and coaching throughout his 16+ years of experience in the field. He aims to empower you to express yourself and live a purposeful life, finding satisfaction through disciplined and resilient practices.

Ian MacLeod's Workshop Schedule