Teacher Training Team

Meet the team behind YogaHub’s Teacher Training courses


Brian is a qualified 250-hour yoga teacher trained in Hatha, Vinyasa and Shakti Rasa Yoga with Debbie Coradino, Veronica Larsson and enjoying ongoing learning with Marianne Jacuzzi. His classes focus on the transformative power of asana and working with the breath. Brian believes that in order to reap the benefits of yoga there must be an element of fun and discovery in the practice. He encourages honouring limitations and exploring variations to find the right posture for each practitioner.



Sylvia’s love of yoga and dedication to her practice, studies and students is apparent in her classes. Her attention to detail in the language she uses and her thoughtful sequencing encourages students to be mindful in body and breath. The goal is to focus attention; the result is a deep sense of lasting calm and a physical practice that is both safe and challenging. Weak spots become stronger; areas of tension and tightness soften. She guides each student to focus their awareness deeply on aspects relevant to them, at that moment, always seeking balanced effort. Sylvia is a regular teacher with the Yoga Hub Teacher Training Team, enthused by a love of learning she has a passion for encouraging others to grow and develop.

Since graduating in 2003 with a Diploma in yoga teaching from Yoga Therapy Ireland, Sylvia has been teaching yoga in various venues in Dublin and teaches Mindfulness Meditation in corporate venues. In May 2015 Nationwide featured Sylvia as a teacher that ‘exudes the calmness she aims to instil in her students’. Sylvia regularly hosts charity yoga events and contributes as a writer to the Yoga Therapy Ireland Magazine.