Teacher Training Team

Meet the team behind YogaHub’s Teacher Training courses


Brian is a qualified 250-hour yoga teacher trained in Hatha, Vinyasa and Shakti Rasa Yoga with Debbie Coradino, Veronica Larsson and enjoying ongoing learning with Marianne Jacuzzi. His classes focus on the transformative power of asana and working with the breath. Brian believes that in order to reap the benefits of yoga there must be an element of fun and discovery in the practice. He encourages honouring limitations and exploring variations to find the right posture for each practitioner.


Casey uses her yoga practice and teachings as a tool for deep healing and connection to breath.

Casey is a 200hr E-RYT qualified teacher and continuously pursues a range of trainings in Yoga, Meditation, Energetic Healing and BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release.

Casey’s love of travel and world curiosity brought her to Dublin in July 2014 where she found and fell in love with YogaHub and became a part of the teacher training team. ‘Each time we move into another training I get to see a new yoga community form overnight and I am so grateful to be a part of the community. Every teacher and every trainee has so much knowledge to share and we all encourage and support each other to grow strong in body and in mind through an amazing and intensive process.’


Gina’s yoga journey began 10 years ago at University as she found it was a great way to keep active and restore a sense of calm when life got demanding. Her interest truly deepened when she decided to investigate what it was about yoga that brought about this feeling of clarity and balance in the body and mind. She spent four weeks in India learning about the philosophy of yoga and deepening her own practice on a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. The idea of yoga as a form of therapy really interested her.Gina began to self-study yoga as a therapy for anxiety and stress relief. Her research led her back to India to complete a 500hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. Here she wrote a research paper on Yoga as a Stress Management tool, delivered presentations in this area and developed sequences designed to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Gina’s background is a melting pot of expertise and passion. She has an Honours Postgraduate Diploma in Education with many years of teaching under her belt and currently works with children who suffer from emotional and behavioral problems such as anger and anxiety. She is an experienced, Advanced Level Yoga Instructor and believes that yoga has something for everybody. She is dedicated to offering yoga as a lifestyle to optimise health and wellbeing. Being part of the teacher training team is something Gina loves. ‘It is amazing to be part of people’s yoga journey and to facilitate their learning. Watching people deepen their practice and develop an understanding of the fascinating science of yoga is such a pleasure’.


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When teaching Katie is mindful that each individual arrives to yoga from a different direction, and encourage an awareness of breath and alignment. Meditation, Pranayama and Svadhyaya are an important part of her practice. She has seen that thanks to the practice of yoga we become more attuned to our own needs, and as a result naturally begin to make better choices for healthier and more contented lives. Katie believes that Yoga allows us to better develop a sense of connection, understanding and compassion for oneself and others. As a teacher, she aims to provide a playful space where people can surprise themselves and surpass limiting beliefs.

In the teacher training she encourages students to develop the tools to engage critically with their study material, while at the same time keeping things lighthearted. Katie is most grateful for the amount of smilling and laughing she gets to do as part of the teacher training. There’s nothing more exciting than teaching people who want to learn! A dedicated practitioner since 2009, Katie has undertaken a 200hr Vinyasa Yoga with Green Lotus Yoga, Rainbow Kids Yoga, and Sports Massage, Aromatherapeutic massage, and continues her studies in Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Caroline Beliard. She’s influenced by teachers such as Shiva Rea, Michael Stone and Max Strom. Katie loves being a student of this infinite subject. She attends workshops whenever possible and is currently enrolled in a Yoga for Pregnancy course with YTI. Katie defines a Yoga practice as anything that nourishes you. When she’s not on the mat you’ll find her surfing, rock climbing and in the great outdoors. Her experiences helping people out of their comfort zone in the outdoors have been a formative influence for her teaching.



Sylvia’s love of yoga and dedication to her practice, studies and students is apparent in her classes. Her attention to detail in the language she uses and her thoughtful sequencing encourages students to be mindful in body and breath. The goal is to focus attention; the result is a deep sense of lasting calm and a physical practice that is both safe and challenging. Weak spots become stronger; areas of tension and tightness soften. She guides each student to focus their awareness deeply on aspects relevant to them, at that moment, always seeking balanced effort. Sylvia is a regular teacher with the Yoga Hub Teacher Training Team, enthused by a love of learning she has a passion for encouraging others to grow and develop.

Since graduating in 2003 with a Diploma in yoga teaching from Yoga Therapy Ireland, Sylvia has been teaching yoga in various venues in Dublin and teaches Mindfulness Meditation in corporate venues. In May 2015 Nationwide featured Sylvia as a teacher that ‘exudes the calmness she aims to instil in her students’. Sylvia regularly hosts charity yoga events and contributes as a writer to the Yoga Therapy Ireland Magazine.