Welcome to Yogahub Swords. See Our Reformer Pilates Schedule Here

Where are we?

Parking: There is 1 hour free parking available at Castle Shopping Centre to all Yogahub customers. You must get your ticket stamped by teacher before leaving. Anything over 1 hour is €2 minimum. FYI This car park is small and services 24 businesses. During daytime hours it gets really hectic.

Getting Started? Here's Our Intro Offer

Intro Pass 1st 3 Classes
Can be used at all studios.
Includes all In Studio classes except Reformer Pilates.
Starts the day of your 1st class. Not the day of purchase.
2 Week Expiry. Cannot be Suspended or Extended.
Intro Offer: 1st 30 Days
Best option for anyone completely new to Yogahub.
Starts the day of your 1st class. Not the day of purchase.
30 consecutive days.
Online and on-demand classes included.
Includes all classes except Reformer Pilates.

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I'm Completely New. Help?

OK. So you’ve decided to give Yoga a try? Here’s a few of the most common questions answered:

  1. Do I need to bring my own mat? You can bring your own or rent one for €1 if it is not included unless it is clearly stated at time of purchase. 
  2. Do you have changing rooms with showers? Yes. 
  3. I’m not that flexible would be putting it lightly. Is Yoga for me? Yes. It couldn’t be more suitable.
  4. What should I wear? Loose fitting clothes. Anything you’d wear working out.
  5. What is Reformer Pilates? Click the link here to find out!
  6. Enjoy!