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Celest Pereira comes to yogahub

We can't wait to welcome the amazing Celest Pereira to yogahub this November with a Weekend of Workshops!

Celest acquired her BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy in 2009, and is currently specialising in functional neurology. She teaches yoga online through her app Anatomove, and runs regular education based workshops internationally. In these she takes current scientific research and anecdotal evidence from senior healthcare providers applying the research to improve the performance of individuals in the context of movement. She co-authored the book Too Flexible to Feel Good, a book designed to help people who struggle with hypermobility. She also has a podcast, Love At First Science, where she has interviewed people that use science to change the way we see the world. Day to day, her specialism is working with post concussion rehabilitation.

Celest Pereira's Workshop Schedule