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Holy Cow where do I even start? We’re 14 months old at our new studio in Dublin City Centre. In this space of time we’ve grown from me running around teaching Yoga and employing a few other teachers to thankfully having a management team of 5 full-time, quite a few part-time reception staff and over 30 teachers. On top of that there are 2 full time employees running Happy Food (our Vegan Cafe) with part time member of staff helping out.

This journey has been eventful to say the least! With what I have experienced in the past 14 months  I feel I definitely have something of value to offer anyone who is thinking of starting a Yoga studio or any other business for that matter.

When I started the YogaHub Camden Place Project I was very much a naive Yoga teacher who had an idea and not much else to be honest. It has completely transformed me as a person in a good way. Ironically one of the reasons I became a Yoga teacher was to avoid the whole office thing and inadvertently created one as we are a registered company with offices and laptops, printers, laminaters, shredders and all of that funky stuff all over the place.

I do want to make the point that I have learned all of this the hard way. I’d love to say it’s been all rosy and I have slept easy every single night but that has not been the case. I would also love to say that each business encounter with other professional parties has been a joy but if I did I’d be lying. I have learned so so much and continue on a daily basis to learn about business, people and myself.

I would encourage anyone to try going into business or following your dream whether it’s business related or not. I can best describe it as an emotional rollercoaster where every single day presents many opportunities for growth. So without further ado here are the 3 things that I hope might help you on your journey.

1. Ask for Help. Ask for Help. Ask for Help.

Trust me no matter what challenges you have right now you can be sure there are many people who have been right where you are before and they have learned what you need to know already. We are social creatures and generally people just want to help other people as people like to help other people! Believe it or not there generally is no other motive. So where do you ask for help? Well what do you need to know right now to move whatever project your working on forward and who knows it? That’s where you start.

2. Work on Yourself first and then your Business

No matter what you do for a living or where you find yourself right now this applies to You! This is probably the biggest mistake I made. I was totally obsessed with survival of the business and completely and utterly neglected myself. Not very ‘mindful’ to say the least!

Do I still work way more hours than most people? You bet I do! The difference is I realise that there are many facets to my and your life and each one of them needs to be in balance. I have shifted that ‘work ethic’ more to my relationships, my health, charity work, fun and personal growth. The end result of this is that I am (hopefully) a much more rounded human being and because of that I feel much more fulfilled.

To be perfectly honest I ended up resenting Yoga for a while. My passion. The thing I worked so hard for. The thing that has benefited me and so many people around me. For a while I just wasn’t ready to come back to it personally. I’m comfortable writing about it now but I surely wasn’t for quite some time. People would love to say to me that I shouldn’t be stressed. You own a Yoga business! They may have been right but I can hold both hands up and say I very much was.

So where do you start working on yourself? I can go into my journey and exactly what has helped me in future blogs but what about you right now?? What do you love doing? Well do more of that! Is there a relationship that you have neglected? Give them a call. Is there a course that you’d like to do no matter what it’s related to? Sure there’s no time like the present! Google it and find out when the next one starts. Commit to taking time for yourself and your development.

3. Be Transparent, Honest and Clear with Everyone

This is absolutely massive for me. Business is human relationships. Sure professionalism is paramount and boundaries are of the utmost importance but we are all human. Honesty and transparency weren’t really a problem for me but there is definitely a preconception that within the business world you should not be as transparent as you might be to a friend. This to me just doesn’t make sense.

Meet people on a level. Accept fault when you make mistakes and move on.

Now where I did have major challenges is with lack of clarity. Time and time again if I experienced challenging situations with other human beings it was absolutely because I was not clear enough about my expectations. It can and in my experience is  so frantic when you are just getting started in business and if your resources are limited you will be doing most things if not all to begin with at least. It can feel like a race against time however if there is one thing that you really should slow down and focus your energy on it is clarity of communication.

I understand now the importance of clear communication. I might add to that that you can never be clear enough. If there is one thing that you should be continually working on make it this. You can find people that are way better than you at everything else however you will always always have to communicate and more and moreso as your company grows.


So on I and you go with the rest of our day. If you have made it all the way through to here thank you so much for reading. I truly hope you have gained from your experience. If you have any questions just leave them in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Author Matt

I started YogaHub out of a room at the back of someone else's house back in 2012 with nothing more than an idea. I'd been teaching Yoga since 2008 and had no intention of opening a Yoga Studio. I think, like everything I've done, I just decided one day I was going to give it a try. And try I did and if you're reading this I guess I'm still trying.

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  • Sinead says:

    Thanks for sharing. Great interesting read. Your business model is unique to Dublin and it’s great to see something different working and hear about your journey to get there. All your teachers are authentic and I am inspired by them with my own teaching.

    • Matt says:

      That’s so kind of you to share Sinead. Thank you so much for that. The teachers will love to hear that. YogaHub and HappyFood are blessed with all of the people that make it all happen. I had to laugh when you said ‘business model’. I guess we have one now. That’s not how it started though 🙂 Thanks again

  • kate says:

    Thanks for that Matt, nice to hear that you don’t have to cover up who you are just because you’re dealing with business people. I’m just starting my own thing and will definitely take what you say about clarity on board – it’s perfectly timed advice for what’s happening for me at the moment. xxxK

    • Matt says:

      Wishing you the very best of luck Kate. Look after yourself first and foremost. And let me know if I can help you with anything 🙂

  • Ruth hunter says:

    A lovely honest read Matt.
    Huge admiration for what you have achieved,
    Wishing you continuous success with YogaHub