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There is no doubt that we are becoming more and more robotic in modern society.¬†We go about our day without questioning the reason as to why¬†we have to¬†constantly¬†review our facebook newsfeed¬†whilst we starve ourselves of real social connection. Our smart phones have become our best friends and this is why it is easier to meet your life partner on the internet than it is to meet them on the street. Most of our social interaction is through email, text message and social media which takes face to face social interaction out of our lives. Technology is slowly but¬†surely¬†dragging the “human” out of us. These technological advances, albeit have many positive¬†benefits can also have a negative effect on us as humans.

Transformers: Rise of the Human, Fall of the Robots

Greeting Dilemma РCase in point No.1: A robot walks past a fellow robot on the street. Both robots know each other well. For fear of human behaviour both robots ignore the shit out of each other by firmly placing their gaze into their smart phone.

Be more human Lesson 1: If I know you and I see you walking towards me on the street I will greet you with a “Hello” and you can then return the human gesture with your own form of greeting, “Hello” will work just fine :).

Remembering names – Case in point No.2: Two robots who have met before on various occasions have bumped into each other in public, each with their significant other. The two robots have both forgotten each other’s name and as a result they avoid introducing their partners. This has caused a malfunction in the¬†social interaction thus causing an extremely awkward and robotic conversation to unfold before all parties leave confused and embarrassed.

Be more human Lesson 2: When meeting people in social situations make sure to try and remember their name by being more engaged and interested during conversation (leave your phone in your pocket). Calling somebody by their name is the first step in human interaction. This is a skill I really need to develop.

Hug it out – Case in point No.3: Two robots have been part of each other’s lives for quite some time.¬†These robots have grown up together as they¬†were both produced in the same factory by the same manufacturer which makes them family. Both robots have cause for celebration as they have not seen each other for quite some time. Though both parties are excited to see each other they are not prepared to show any sign of human emotions or behaviour so they stick to a firm handshake at the moment they are reunited.

Be more human Lesson 3: All the time spent on social media¬†makes us forget and fear real physical interaction with those around us. Don’t be afraid to show emotions and to share a hug with those close to you. The people who hug the least are actually the one’s who need it most. Being Irish we are pretty useless at showing any affection towards our close friends and family, me included.

Hugs give out love and healing energy which¬†¬†is extremely powerful and beneficial to both people involved in the embrace. So don’t be shy, connect more and get your hug on.

There are many other things we can do in order to knock the robot out of us. The less time we spend on our phones and computers, the more opportunity we have to concentrate on the real friendships and relationships in our lives.

Right, I better get off this computer and get my human on :).

Thanks for reading.

Namaste classy folks.



















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