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Never taken a Reformer Pilates class before? Here’s what you need to know!

So what makes Reformer Pilates different from Mat Pilates?

Well the one notable difference is that the classes take place on a Reformer Bed, pictured below.

Reformer Pilates Classes for Beginners Dublin

Looks a bit scary I know! However this wonderful machine offers so many extra benefits to a Pilates practice.

  1. A Full Body Workout
    The use of the Reformer Bed targets arms and legs while working the core. This increases full body muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. It is also low impact, so suitable for those working with injuries, just make sure to consult your doctor first and always let the teacher know what you are working with before taking part.
  2. Improved Balance
    Moving through different postures on the Reformer Bed keeps the body active and the mind alert. This enhances the body and mind connection and provides balance to the body. This gives a renewed sense of ease and stability.
  3. Core Strength
    I could write an essay on the importance of core strength but I’ll keep this brief!  When we think of the core we mainly focus on the abdomen however Reformer Pilates also targets the deeper muscles of the body. This improves posture, which in turn prevents future problems like rounded shoulders, lower back pain, stiff neck and so on.
  4. Flexibility
    Reformer Pilates stretches your whole body through the use of springs and straps. This will open up the body and make you feel longer and leaner!
  5. Mental Heath Benefits
    To me this is the most important side effect of Reformer Pilates. The classes are fun, challenging and interesting, giving you a magical endorphin release that helps you feel energised. The movements in combination with the breathing techniques used have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety in the body.

So give it a try you won’t regret it! Link to book here.

If you have any questions just drop us an email and we will help you out 🙂

Want to try Pilates at home? Press play on the video and enjoy!

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