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Click the Radio to listen to this week’s edition of Yoga Hub Radio. 2 hours of lots of different laidback sounds. I really really enjoyed taking time out to do something that I really enjoy which I haven’t done for quite a while with everything that has been going on in order to try and make a new Yoga business work.

I know a lot of people will not like seeing the words ‘Yoga’ and ‘business’ together but without the marriage of the two it won’t work. Also some of you will be saying you have to take time for what you enjoy and my answer would be within the first year of a new business…..You try it. By the time it was done I had to go home to bed exhausted but I’m glad I took the time to do it.

Going to start blogging about my personal experience of starting a Yoga studio, becoming a business owner and my observations of the Yoga Industry which I feel I have a great deal of experience of within a very short period of time.

Michael Stone from Centre of Gravity, Toronto arrives next week for what will be the event of the year in my eyes. Never have I listened to anyone so clear, so articulate and so authentic within Yoga. Details HERE. Limited places remaining. His Friday evening talk is still only €15 over at


p.s. the title of the blog is a trick to up my SEO and more than likely if I called this blog something more creative you would never have opened it


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I started YogaHub out of a room at the back of someone else's house back in 2012 with nothing more than an idea. I'd been teaching Yoga since 2008 and had no intention of opening a Yoga Studio. I think, like everything I've done, I just decided one day I was going to give it a try. And try I did and if you're reading this I guess I'm still trying.

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