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Welcoming Peter Browning to the Yoga Hub Family

By July 9, 2012March 7th, 2014Yoga

Peter Browning

I was introduced to Ashtanga yoga by the brilliant Michael Kerwin. I continued practising with Michael for three years. My body began to open, deep rooted emotions gradually released and I felt much more lighter in myself and this is were my fascination with yoga began. I went on to practice iyengar for a further 3 years and have attented numerous workshops . I have travelled to India and practiced with Sharat Arona and successfully completed teacher training
course (300 hrs) in Thailand with Ashton Szabo from California and Emma Warmington Northern Ireland with great gratitude for their wonderful guidance and wisdom. The Subjects covered were Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Chakra yoga, Physical Anatomy, Mantra, Pranayama and yoga therapeutics.
My classes are informative, high energy, de-stressing, fun and will help tone and strengthen
the body while developing a firm core, awarness and a calm mind. I want to share with my students what I have learnt about the benefits of yoga on a physical, mental and spiritual level. I often hear people say “I am no good at yoga” or they look at the super bendy person next to them and feeling somewhat disappointed with their own practice. Yoga is not a competition and works on a much deeper level. Yoga is about turning up on your mat practicing with an open mind and feeling a radiant glow after class.Look forward to seeing you on the mat.Peter.

Peter teaches this week on Tuesday 10th July at 6pm and 7pm and Thursday morning at 10am.

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I started YogaHub out of a room at the back of someone else's house back in 2012 with nothing more than an idea. I'd been teaching Yoga since 2008 and had no intention of opening a Yoga Studio. I think, like everything I've done, I just decided one day I was going to give it a try. And try I did and if you're reading this I guess I'm still trying.

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