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So, you love yoga! In fact, you’re hooked. You can’t believe the positive impact it’s had on your life, you can’t stop talking about it to your friends, and now you’re ready to deepen your practice and your understanding. Maybe even learn to pronounce some Sanskrit and finally nail that elusive handstand. So what next? You’re thinking about doing a teacher training course but you’re not even sure if you want to teach, and there are so many out there, how do you choose? How do you decide if this is the right thing for you to do?

K, so let us give you the low down:

if we wait until we're ready

Firstly, if the idea of doing a teacher training has been playing on your mind then the answer is probably yes, it is the right thing for you to do. Remember, doing the course doesn’t mean you have to make a commitment to teaching. You are making a commitment to your own personal practice and well-being, to a greater knowledge of yoga, and to independence and autonomy to help you continue to grow as a student, even if you decide never to lead a class yourself. What could be wrong with that?

Phew, sorted. Now, we reckon we’re offering the best teacher training out there, and here’s why:

YogaHub is all about keeping yoga real and relevant. Based in Dublin, our teaching faculty is integrated and connected to the community right here. We have grown from the ground up to become one of the city’s leading studios, known for our friendliness and fun. So we are truly familiar with the issues you’re going to be facing, both as a student and as a teacher. We’re well placed to understand who your potential students are going to be and how you can best reach them and then successfully teach them.

In keeping with the ethos of YogaHub, our course will explore as many facets of the tradition yoga as possible. We place an emphasis on flow integrated with core strength, as well as hot yoga, but, as suggested by the variety in our faculty, we also include elements of yin, restorative & yoga nidra. We pride ourselves on being an open-minded, modern yoga studio which celebrates many schools of yoga and believe that each one has something to teach us. As a trainee we provide you with plenty of opportunity to tap into your own creativity to find your own teaching voice and style.

Our faculty is fresh and varied so that you get a chance to learn from the best and as a result get the best from yourself. We have also hosted many of the leading international teachers to the city (Patrick Beach, Jason Crandell, Nico Luce to name a few) and learning from them keeps us at the cutting edge of contemporary yoga.



We believe that the best learning happens in a non-authoritative, non-dogmatic space. Yoga for the people. We encourage you to share your ideas, to explore the material for yourself and to integrate the learning to help you to lead a healthier, happier life.

Each and every one of our trainees has access to a mentor. Uniquely, we offer our trainees the opportunity to teach classes as part of our Outdoor Yoga project (all proceeds to charity). This kind of offering is unparalleled.

We understand how business works in Ireland and are well placed to advise you in this aspect of yoga if you decide to pursue it professionally, which can be overlooked entirely in courses delivered abroad.

And of course, we are fully accredited with Yoga Alliance. This allows you to go on and register with them as an RYT 200 on completion on our course if you so wish.



But hey, enough from us, hear what one of this years’ trainees, Jenny Walsh has to say about it:

“My experience of doing a teacher training has been a roller-coaster of emotions. On the first day of the training I was having doubting myself and my practice. I thought I wasn’t good enough. However it’s the best decision I have made. I felt so at home in the yoga hub where I already practiced and was encouraged to embark on the Teacher Training. All the teachers on the training have been so supportive and encouraging. They have made me feel so at ease and have built my confidence up and my belief in myself.

There are also great opportunities available to you throughout the teacher training like the mentor programme, being able to assist yoga hub teachers in classes from the half-way point in the training and to also teach a class once a week. I am still in my teacher training and it’s a journey I’m enjoying so much and am so excited to continue on. If you’re thinking of doing a training don’t hesitate sign up today, you are good enough and your practice will get stronger through the training.”


Our next 200 hour Teacher Training begins February 2016, and in July we will run our 200 hour Intensive. Dates, modules & pricing can be found here.

YogaHub is young at heart, open-minded, vibrant, positive and fun. We like to keep things fresh. If this sounds like your kind of vibe, then we want to meet you. Say hi and tell us you’re interested at, and reserve your space here. Hear more from previous trainees and get answers to your questions. Exciting times ahead <3


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