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As the weather sets in for autumn, you may notice your body and your mind being swept up with the change. After an active summer, it may be hard to slow down to the pace of autumn. As the late sunny nights of summer die off, the feeling in the air is more of introspection and getting cosy and snug indoors.

Check out the following poses for helping to stay grounded and joyful through the transition:

Cow Face Pose – This is ideal for staying grounded and flexible. It helps to keep hips and shoulders open so that there’s more comfort and ease in your mobility. As you breathe with this pose, you can ground your energy in your seat and feel supported with a straight and strong posture. Stay in this pose for at least 5 full breaths on each side to get the full benefit.

Side Plank – Maintaining a strong core helps to build heat as the weather gets colder. This pose is great for arm, core, and leg strength, and is an excellent heat builder. Remember to breathe through this pose and transition slowly in and out from plank.

Tree Pose – Practicing balance (both on your mat and in your daily life) is a great way to stay focused and grounded as things change. As we practice balance on the mat, we learn to listen to the subtle messages of our body. And when we practice balance off the mat, we learn to listen to what does and doesn’t feel right for us at any given time. Keeping a level head and balanced lifestyle is so helpful in the season of change.

Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana) – This is a beautiful pose for staying open and letting go. Hip openers can be quite strong. But when we learn to let go of effort and relax into this delicious yin release, we find compassion for ourselves, a break from action, and delight in our experience of simply be-ing.


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