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Where it is: Top of the head and a few inches above, Pituitary Gland

Colour: Purple

Element: No element

Mantra: Om

Qualities: Universal Consciousness, One-ness, Feeling Whole, Peace, Unity

This is the seventh chakra. Physically, it is at the crown of the head and also a few inches above. It is associated with the pituitary gland, or the master gland. It is where we connect with the universe and everything–where we see no difference between ourselves, and others, or places, or things. It’s where we experience the fullness of the universe and ourselves in it.

Physically, the Sahasrara is associated with the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland is the master gland as it is communicates with other endocrine glands about what hormones they need. Mainly, it is in continuous communication with the thyroid, adrenals, ovaries and testes.

Energetically it is a transcendental mix of everything and nothing at all. It is the space where we connect with the universe, every one, every thing and every place. It is where we experience total connection, deep peace, unconditional love and tranquility. Connecting to the Sahasrara means seeing no difference between good or bad. It means seeing every thing and every one as the same.

This can be quite a big concept to grasp. A good way to explore the Sahasrara chakra is to notice those times when you feel completely in love with life, when you feel connected to everyone. And if this isn’t present in your current experience, then notice the things that you might consider problems in your life. Notice if you can see them objectively, like seeing yourself as a character rather than being fully wrapped up in your emotions, and see if you can love the antagonists of your story. See if you can view a situation neutrally, where there is no right or wrong, but just different perspectives that are all valid. And notice what happens to you the next time in savasana. Notice that space just before sleep, when your mind is awake, but your body is still. That’s part of Sahasrara, too. That deep tranquility and letting go.

A balanced Sahasrara chakra will have these qualities: Feeling of lightness, Connection, Unconditional love, Deep Peace, Tranquility

An unbalanced Sahasrara chakra will have these qualities: Feeling of being dense, Chronic Frustration, Confusion, Being combative

Ways to connect with and balance your Sahasrara chakra:

Yoga Practice: Metta Bhavana III, IV & V, Singing Om, Tree Pose, Headstands, Savasana. And this quote by Alan Watts: “You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.”

Affirmations: I am tranquil and peaceful. I welcome the infinite potentials of the universe. I am open to expanding my limitations and experiencing growth. I am free. I am love. I am complete. I am connected to everyone and everything, as everyone and everything is connected to me.


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