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Where it is: Throat, Thyroid, Ears, Mouth

Colour: Light Blue

Element: Aether

Mantra: Ham

Qualities: Communication, Expression, Listening, Clarity, Truth

This is the fifth chakra. It is centred around the throat, ears, mouth, and thyroid gland. This is the seat of our communication, our self-expression, and our ability to listen. This chakra is about the balance of listening and expression. When we listen to ourselves and to others, and then express ourselves mindfully, it indicates a balanced Vishuddha chakra.

Physically, this chakra is associated with the area around the throat and ears, and has a connection to the thyroid gland. Among the various functions of the thyroid, regulating metabolism is the main one. To describe how the thyroid is connected to listening and expression, we can also see how the chakras are linked. When we listen, we take in information through the Vishuddha chakra. Since the Manipura, or Solar Plexus, is where we digest information, then the thyroid is what regulates how quickly or slowly we digest information so that we can respond effectively. Many of these chakras work together in this way, much like how our physical organs work together. Tuning one can often have a positive effect on another and bring the whole system to balance.

Emotionally, the throat is linked to our truth, clarity, and our ability to accept constructive feedback. When we are balanced in how we listen and respond, we are able to understand another’s perspective, but also offer insight from our own. This balance of giving and receiving is most important for our communication skills.

Energetically, this centre holds a higher frequency than the lower chakras of matter. There’s an intangible quality to our words. But with this intangibility, there exists great insight into a person’s system. How someone expresses their self carries certain frequencies that can indicate balances and imbalances in the physical and emotional body. Practicing communication by being a good listener and a mindful speaker is a good way to tune into this system of the body.

A balanced Vishuddha chakra will have these qualities: Good communication and expression, Ability to listen, Being honest, Ability to accept constructive feedback, Open communication with yourself

An unbalanced Vishuddha chakra will have these qualities: Inability to express thoughts, Talking too much, Being dishonest, Inability to hear truth, Arrogant or Timid

Ways to connect with and balance your Vishuddha chakra:

Yoga Practice: Bhramari Pranayama, Ujjayi Breath, Jalandhara Bandha, Neck Rolls, Lion Pose, Cat/Cow, East Stretch, Fish Pose

Affirmations: I speak clearly and truly. I listen to myself and others. My communication with myself and others is based in compassion and understanding. I communicate my feelings with ease. I express gratitude for my life and my experience. I have integrity in my ability to speak and listen. I am content with myself.


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