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The snow is back… and it’s a bank holiday Monday. Is there anything sweeter than a lazy day in when it’s snowing out? Add a sprinkle of yoga in there too and you’re living the dream. So stay in your PJs, put the kettle on and get yourself a few pillows and a blanket, this is going to be yummy.

You’ll need about 20 minutes for this. Turn your phone off and put on some relaxing music. Make the most of this time to completely chill out at home. Decide you’re only going to do what feels good for your body, and you’re going to give yourself this time. Slow things down. 

Come to a wide legged child’s pose and grab a few pillows or cushions. Stack two pillows underneath your stomach and chest and rest your upper body onto them. Turn your neck to rest one cheek down into the pillow, releasing tension in the neck, shoulders and hips. Make yourself really comfortable here. Breathe in for 4 counts, breathe out for 4 counts. Take 20 breaths at this pace. Switch to the other cheek. Take 20 more deep breaths. Walk the hands up slowly so you’re back up sitting on your mat.

Bring the pillows in behind you and sit your bum back on them. Find a comfortable seat. Feel for length in your spine and start some shoulder rolls. On an inhale, squeeze your shoulders up to your ears, on an exhale bring them down.

Plant the sitting bones down and reach the right hand up, reach up to the ceiling on the inhale. Exhale and start to bend over towards the left ceiling – feel for opening up the right rib cage. Take 10 really deep breaths. Switch sides.

Move your pillows to the side and come to a low lunge, with your right foot and right knee planted down into the floor. Bring the hands to the hips and stretch as deep as feels good for your hips and legs. Take 10 breaths here. Switch sides.

Come to the wall. Plant the feet so you are seated with the knees bent in front of you. Sit next to the wall so your right hip is pressed lightly up against it. Lie your spine down to the floor and raise both your legs up the wall, keep the knees bent or straighten them, whatever feels best for your body. Take 20 deep breaths here, or more if you have time.

Slowly bring the legs down and come to lying on your mat. Take a savasana lying straight down on the floor mat, or bed. Use pillows and blankets to get really cosy and warm. Watch your breath come gently in and out of your lungs, no effort required. Stay here for as long as you want to. 

Notice how different you feel after this short, restorative practice. I love restorative yoga, especially on days when there is not much going on in the outside world. It’s nice to slow down, feel your breath and reconnect to how your body feels.

Do you have any other tips for getting mindful and slowing down at home? Leave a comment with your tips, you never know what little snippet could change someone else’s whole day for the better!