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What is yogahub?

yogabub is a modern, welcoming studio, with fresh and challenging Yoga classes. yogahub is a space to work you out, open you up and let you breathe. Friendly teachers are creative, attentive and fun; we have classes for everyone – from beginner to guru.
 yogahub is a vibe, a practice, a lifestyle.

Where is yogahub located and is there Parking and Showers?

yogahub City, 5-8  Camden Court, Dublin 2.
  • There is no car parking available here. There is plenty of on-street paid parking around the studio.
  • There is lots of bicycle parking on site.
  • We have lots of bike racks.
  • Changing room and showers available.
yogahub Junction 6, Castleknock, Dublin 15.
  • There is lots of Free car parking available at Junction 6
  • There is limited bicycle parking right outside the centre doors.
  • Changing rooms with showers.
yogahub Phibsboro, 382 North Circular Road, Phibsboro, Dublin 7.
  • There is no parking available. There is plenty of on-street paid parking available in Phibsboro around the studio.
  • Changing rooms available. Showers available for 7am class only.
yogahub Swords, Unit 19, Castle Shopping Centre, Swords, Co. Dublin
  • There is 1 hour of free parking available at Castle Shopping Centre to yogahub customers. You must get your ticket stamped by your teacher before leaving studio. Parking is a minimum of €2 after first hour.
  • Changing room and showers available.
yogahub Blackrock, Frascati Shopping Centre, Frascati Road, Blackrock
  • There is 90 minutes FREE car parking available at Frascati Shopping Centre for any yogahub client. You must get your parking ticket validated by our reception.
  • There is lots of secure bicycle parking in the Frascati Shopping Centre Car Park.
  • Changing rooms and showers available.

Is there somewhere to lock my bike?

  • You can lock your bike inside the courtyard at our Camden Place studio.
  • There is bike racks at Castleknock.
  • Bikes must be locked on-street at Phibsboro and Swords studios.
  • yogahub is not responsible for any property left at yogahub. Please make sure to lock your bike securely wherever you lock it.

Yoga and Pilates

Do you have classes suitable for Beginners at yogahub?

For beginners we recommend Flow, Hot and Pilates classes and any class that has All Levels in the title. If it’s your first class ever just let your teacher know and they will provide modifications if needed. Still not sure? Get in touch at 01 478 9043.

It’s my first class and I feel nervous trying something new! Will I be the only beginner there? 

Don’t worry all of our classes (except any that say ‘Flow2) are suitable for beginners upwards. There’s always lots of beginners. So you’re never the only one. Always great to mention it to your teacher that it’s your first time and if you have any injuries.

What should I bring to my first class?

  • You should wear comfortable loose fitting clothing.
  • Please bring a mat and water. We also rent mats and sell water at the studio.
  • Please bring your own towel to Hot Yoga/Pilates, or you can also rent a yoga towel at the studio.

When should I arrive to class?

Please arrive no later than 10 minutes before the class starts. Late-comers will not be allowed into class. We have to have this rule to make sure all of our students get the best experience possible from our studios.

Do you sell Yoga mats?

Mats are available to purchase at the studio. Reception are happy to help you go through the different features of the mats.

Who will my teacher be?

The teacher for each class is listed on our Schedule and there is a biography of all of our teachers over on the Our Amazing Teachers & Staff page.

What is the Difference between Yoga and Yoga Flow?

A Yoga Flow class differs from a Yoga class as it moves faster through poses, flowing between them to build heat as movement is synchronised with the breath.

What is Hot Yoga?

At yogahub our hot yoga studios are heated to 35+ degrees. Our ethos is to provide fun and challenging class sequences where the added heat works in conjunction with your body. Our hot yoga classes aim to improve, flexibility, strength, balance, and cardio vascular capacity. Expect a strong and physical class, interweaving philosophy and music. yogahub’s Hot Yoga classes will work you hard, and make you sweat. You’ll leave feeling energized and refreshed. All classes are 1 hour long.

Who does Hot Yoga suit?

Hot Yoga Flow suits those who are looking for a more cardio intensive and detoxing yoga class.This is a flowing (vinyasa) style class incorporating the key standing, twisting, core and strength building postures in a room heated to 35+ degrees. Variations and modifications of postures will be offered to suit all levels.

I’m pregnant. Can I come to regular classes?

We suggest not attending regular classes within your first trimester. If you already had a regular practice before getting pregnant? Then you are more than welcome to rejoin your favourite classes after your first trimester. You must always make your teacher aware you are pregnant before your class start so they can advise you of the contraindications (what to avoid/where to be mindful) during your practice.
If you have not had a regular practice before becoming pregnant you must not join regular classes? Please join a prenatal class. yogahub does not provide prenatal classes.

What if I have an injury? Can I still do Yoga or Pilates?

Always consult your physician first and inform the teacher of your injury before the class.

Do you offer private Yoga or Pilates classes?

Yes. Contact and we can set you up with a one-to-one session with one of our amazing teachers.

Do many men attend or is it all women? 

At a yogahub class you’ll find lots of men so don’t worry you won’t be the only one.

Reformer Pilates

What is Reformer and how is it different from Mat Pilates?

yogahub’s Reformer Pilates classes are a full body workout that combine traditional and contemporary Pilates, with the strengthening and toning aspects of strength training. Our dynamic classes are performed on a spring resistance apparatus called a Reformer Bed. With the combination of adjustable spring resistance and a sliding platform, the Reformer can create resistance or instability (or both) to make exercises easier or harder where a mat cannot. 

Do I need to be fit to attend Reformer Pilates?

Our classes are inclusive, so everyone is welcome. With small group classes (up to a maximum of 14), our trainers can modify exercises to accommodate each individual’s ability, allowing you to work at your own pace.

I’m already fit. What can Reformer Pilates do for me?

Well, you’d be surprised. Fitness fanatics through to professional athletes are turning to Reformer Pilates to complement their sport-specific training. Reformer Pilates can make you more resistant to injury, correct weaknesses and enhance core strength and postural alignment.

Can I still do Reformer Pilates if I have an injury?

It will depend on your injury and your road to recovery. You may need to get a medical certificate from your GP/Physio before you can attend. It’s best to speak to one of our trainers before participating in a class to make sure you’re not putting yourself at risk of further damage.

I’m pregnant, can I still attend Reformer Pilates?

Our workouts, whether part or all of the workouts, may not be suitable for pregnant women. Our Reformer Pilates classes are dynamic with strong focus on core work. We suggest avoiding general reformer classes at yogahub while pregnant.

What do I need to know before my first class?

Please arrive 10 minutes early to your first class. That way you’ll have time to familiarise yourself with the studio, meet your trainer and have a quick rundown on the Reformer.

What should I wear to class?

Appropriate clothing is essential, as you are going to work up a sweat. We recommend gym tights, leggings or shorts, and either a T-shirt or singlet top. Although most clients prefer to train barefoot, socks are most welcome.

I’m running late, can I still join the class?

All of our classes include a warm up and a cool down. Please arrive no later than 10 minutes before the class starts. Late-comers will not be allowed into class. We have to have this rule to make sure all of our students get the best experience possible from our studios. 

Do you offer private Reformer classes?

Yes. Contact and we can set you up with a one-to-one session with one of our amazing teachers.

Do many men attend, or is it all women? 

At a yogahub class, you’ll find lots of men, so don’t worry – you won’t be the only one.