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As the weather changes and there’s a little less sunshine in our days, it’s natural for our energy to change in response to our environment. For many of us, that means having a little less energy as the brain is less stimulated which can change our mood and thought patterns. 

Kapalabhati is a breathing technique to help kick your slump by energising and invigorating the breath and the entire body with it. It is a series of rapid exhales with a passive inhale and a huge support to the weather changes we are experiencing at the moment. 

Here’s how to practice it.

  1. Find a comfortable seat and a place where you can make a little bit of noise (this one may not be the one to practice at work!)
  2. Activate mula bhanda by drawing the belly button slightly in and upwards
  3. Take a few slow, deep breaths – bring in an ujaii breath if this is a comfortable way to breathe for you
  4. Begin your Kapalabhati breathing by taking an inhale with just half your lungs filled
  5. Exhale sharply through the nostrils – imagine your nose is filled with water and you need to get all the water out with one sharp exhale
  6. As you exhale, pull the belly in towards the spine
  7. Allow your inhale to be passive – don’t even think about it, just let it happen

Practice this a few times. Once you feel comfortable with the practice, increase the speed of your exhales, taking 20-25 exhales in quick succession before pausing and taking some calm, slow ujaii breaths. As you become more and more used to the practice, add in one or two more rounds of breath. 

Try this first thing in the morning, you’ll feel energised, focused and calm! 

Happy Monday Yogis,