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Meghan Currie Workshops at the Yoga Hub Dublin

By January 24, 2013April 16th, 2014Dublin, Ireland, Teachers, Workshops, Yoga

Meghan Currie at the Yoga Hub March 2013

When I teach I let go as much as possible so I may be an open channel for creative energy to pass through

Every student is everyones teacher so I plug my heart into everyone and do my
best to translate the teachings which present themselves in the moment
I believe it’s not all up to me.
Like any recipe, there must be just the right
amount of all the ingredients to produce epic flavor.
When I teach I mix my given ingredients well with all other unpredictable and delicious ingredients to co-create with the playful universe
and be a part of something grand.
I never know what is going to happen. And if I attempt to know too much, something is lost.
I love life and food in raw true form
Much fear has brought me to where I am, so I encourage all sides of everyone to be welcomed, honored and faced.
For fears, if faced, are like really good manure for the soul.
I am SO grateful to all my teachers, especially Steve Merkley, Paige Faraci, Chris Chavez, and everyone I have ever met…

Weekend Schedule at the Yoga Hub

Friday Fun Flow (All Levels) 8th March 7pm-9pm €40/Student €35 Buy HERE

Saturday 9th March Full Day Workshop (All Levels) 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm €100/Student €80 Buy HERE

Sunday 10th March Inversions  11am-1pm €40/€35 Student

Cost of full Weekend: €160 Buy HERE

Student €130


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