When friends pop over unexpected and you have nothing to offer, my emergency go to is this little tasty dip! I chop some good oul Irish potatoes into wedges and blitz up this delicious dip with some spice from the Sriracha and voila! Party is on! Also fantastic for BBQs as a tasty vegan option, instead of mayonaise 😉

This dip is healthy, gluten free, vegan, sugar free.. and has the perfect kick to it!

Ingredients are:


250g butter beans / chickpeas

2 cloves of garlic

2 tbs lemon juice

2 tbs extra virgin olive oil

4-5 pre- soaked sun dried tomatoes

2 (plus) tbs of Sriracha depending on how spicy you like it!



Simply throw everything into a bowl and blend together with a hand blender (or in jug blender if you have one)


Season with salt and pepper!



Jenny O'Neill

Author Jenny O'Neill

I'm currently studying BSc Culinary Entrepreneurhip. I'm passionate about healthy food, nutritious ingredients and believe whole-heartedly we should all follow a plant based diet, for good karma, for the body and soul, and of course for the good of planet!

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