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vata dosha

Vata Dosha Explained
The Anxious Creative

What is the Vata dosha?

Our last post explained what it means to be aware of our ayurvedic dosha type, and why it’s important for us to remain balanced. If you’ve taken the tests you might now be aware if you’re Vata, Pitta, or Kapha type. If not, you can find out here.

This week we’re exploring what it means to be a Vata-dominant type!


Vata Dosha Attributes

vata dosha

Vata dosha is commonly associated with the element of wind

Those with a dominant Vata dosha tend to be energetic, light, flighty, anxious, and passionate. You might be prone to high spurts of energy and excitement, but also lows of fatigue and negative emotions – In other words, extremes are your speciality!

Vata types are susceptible to the cold and are likely to prefer to keep moving, with changeable, flighty dispositions. They sleep lightly and are prone to suffer from insomnia. While it’s common for Vata dosha types to change their mind and jump from project to project, wherever their mind and energy are focused at a given time will be sure to get their full and committed attention, as Vatas are known for their passion.

Common Disorders of Vata types

Imbalances in the Vata dosha can manifest themselves mentally as anxiety, depression, and insomnia or sleep-related disorders, while physically it appears as dry skin, joint pain, constipation or issues related to digestion, hypertension, and restlessness. Ayurvedic doctors and specialists will focus on these areas during consultations and use their findings to assess a suitable course of treatment, yet simply being aware of them ourselves can be a huge advantage.

Ways To Regulate Vata

Vata types will notice that adhering to a routine helps to balance them out, yet the ironic aspect of this is that the nature of the Vata dosha is to be changeable. They get disorientated with too much activity or external stimulation, and yet on the other hand they also bore very easily. This is why Vatas are possibly the most difficult to please of the three doshas, and require the most work to maintain a balanced state.

Diet & Nutrition

As the nature of Vata is to be light, flighty and changeable, most Vata types will maintain a slight or leaner body type. This means that the best fuel to balance this type out is heavier, grounding foods including starches, spices, and well-cooked root vegetables. There are a variety of publications and resources online to assist with ayurvedic cooking for your dosha type, but the main guideline for vata types to follow in terms of their diet is one of regulation. Small quantities taken more frequently throughout the day are more likely to benefit Vatas nutritionally, yet as everyone is different it can take a bit of trial and error to figure out what works best for you and your lifestyle.

vata dosha

Just some of the foods which help to balance the Vata dosha (pic:


Lively Disposition

So long as Vata remains balanced, those with this dominant dosha will predominantly have a lively disposition and lean body. This lively, friendly external appearance is often difficult to maintain when (and it happens often) a Vata becomes unbalanced. Although very prone to self-doubt and anxiety, being aware of these tendencies can often be enough to help Vatas balance out elements of their lives that might not be beneficial to them.

While we all have an element of the Vata dosha within us and can usually relate to at least some of the traits described here from time to time, it’s funny that’ it’s often only when we suffer imbalances that our dominant dosha becomes evident to us. Those who find themselves manifesting traits of Vata either mentally or physically on a persistent basis should aim to engage with methods to counteract the imbalances through diet, lifestyle, and awareness to return them to a state of balance.




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  • Zorba says:

    Being a Vata dominant person sucks. I am one and honestly it’s a suffering going about life being weak, frail, mentally and physically vulnerable and easily exhausted. It gets in the way of life, like literally everything in life. Everything is a struggle – thinking, walking long-ish distances, exercising, socializing, especially dating! Plus, like it’s mentioned at the end of the article, Vatas are most difficult to please. Imagine being that kind of person who gets bored easily but also gets overwhelmed and disoriented easily from mental/ physical work or stimulation. The highly variable and quick-changing aspect of our disposition trickles to every aspect of our life. It is common to read that as long as Vatas are in balance they’re good, but it’s not mentioned that Vatas are in balance only may be 5-10% of the time. Anxiety and proneness to depression is second nature. It may sound like I am whining and complaining but in reality, this is actual for a Vata person. Nobody but that person understands.

    • dani says:

      I totally get it Zorba. I am a vata-pitta but my vata has been i imbalanced for years because i’m so ridicuolously sensitive and i relate to absolutely everything you’re saying. especially about being easily exhausted with social life and dating. But i began to make peace with my nature when i accepted that i simply need to take more time to nurture myself than the average human. remember that vatas at their best are the MOST creative and innovative type and that makes for a very powerful life experience in the best possible way, as long as we are tending to our emotional, spiritual and physical needs as much is as possible. it might help you also to know that alot of very succesful people (For lack of a better word, celebrities) are predominantly vata, and have managed to create a wholesome and interesting existence inspite of their doshic tendancies. I’d highly recommend doing Deepak chopra’s perfect health course so you can get a better understanding of how to nourish yourself and also the many many benefits of being a vata type, and how to ensure that you are experiencing more of those benefits oppose to the downsides. Again, as someone who has had manic creativity since they were a child, never ever had any friends growing up and as an adult today in their twenties, still doesnt have many friends, never had a relationship and finds it very difficult to function in society (considering how fucked up society is) I TOTALLY GET IT. It’s been a deep deep on going struggle but you know what? the more i learn about myself, the less i find myself struggling. self awareness is the key here. Hugs to you, and make sure you check out deepak’s course. I think it would help alot.