Yoga + Nature: 7 Ways To FIRE Up Your Practice

While a yoga practice can often be thought of as relaxing, flowing, and meditative, it can also be a great way activate your energy, feel revitalised, and create a FIRE within you. For days when you want to tap in to your vibrant life force, check out a few of the following ways of bringing the element of fire into your practice.

1 – Wear the colour red or yellow. While (according to the chakra map) the colour red is denoted as an earth colour, I think we can all agree that red instinctively creates a sense of fire. I will often wear the colour red or yellow in my practice when I need a little energy boost. It’s a way to help draw the energetic element of fire from your centre to its full expression.

2 – Practice Kapalabhati, or Breath of Fire. This is a fire-y breathing practice that cleanses the body of toxins and helps to raise energy in the body. It is practiced by taking a series of short breaths, which a quick release on the exhale. The exhale is centred around the area of the solar plexus, activating the fire chakra.

3 – Tune in to your solar plexus. The solar plexus is the chakra centre associated with fire. It is located just below the rib cage and above the belly button. It is associated with the colour yellow and has a physical link to the pancreas which helps to convert food to energy. During your practice, draw your attention to this area. Imagine the colour yellow. Feel the energy in this energetic centre.

4 – Salute the Sun. Saluting the sun, whether indoors, or actually under the sun, is a great way to connect to the vitality of our home star. When you do a sun salutation, don’t just think about moving from one pose to another. Think about what the sequence actually represents. It is a Salute To The Sun. A dance of gratitude for our home star that shines indiscriminately upon us all.

5 – Light some candles. Whether you are preparing for an hour-long practice, or sitting down to meditate, invite fire into your space.

6 – Practice Trataka meditation. Trataka is a candle-gazing meditation which helps to improve focus, vision, and activates the third eye. When a person gazes at a naked candle flame, the eyes will water, helping to clear the eyes of any impurities. When the eyes close, an imprint of the flame is left, so that even without looking, the person can still see the flame. This helps to create awareness of seeing with your internal eye.

7 – Use fire-y essential oils. Before or after your practice, use a few drops of one of the following to connect with your fire centre: Cinnamon, Clove, Black Pepper, Mandarin, or Ylang Ylang. Cinnamon, Clove, and Black Pepper are the more fire-y of these, while Mandarin and Ylang Ylang would be a little more gentle. Any of these essential oils can instantly bring a clear energy into your experience and help to revitalise your senses.


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Rachelle is a lover of balance, of peaks and troughs, and healing, and all the details that move a person to be changed or challenged or contented. Her family are travellers and she’s has had the bug of wanderlust since birth. She was born in Ipswich, raised in Georgia, and has lived in Ireland for over 3 years. Through her travels, she’s learned the significance of the body as one’s home and how to find peace and strength in your own cells. She encourages her students to explore the stuff they’re made of in order to gain awareness of their connection with others and the world. Among that which inspires her are Alan Watts, waves, journeys, story sharing, and anything under the category of legumes. Currently she is training for her 500-hour certification with Yoga Therapy Ireland.

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