YogaHub Teachers’ Favourite Tunes To Yoga To: Part II

After exhausting our first YogaHub teachers’ playlist, we’ve decided to give our ears a nice deep clean with some new tunes. Just add your favourite asana, some pranayama, or a long savasana, and enjoy!

For easy access, you can hear all the songs on this YogaHub Teachers Spotify playlist.


Alicia – “Ce Matin La” by Air

Barbara – “Harp 09” by Pablo Arellano

Brian McVeigh – “Absolute Beginners” by David Bowie

Derek – “Boney M” by Rasputin

Emer – “Triple Mantra” by Nirinjan Kaur

Jenny – “Privateering” by Mark Knopfler

Katie – “Warm Shadow” by Fink

Lee – “Apparently” by Random Rob

Lisa – “Reaper” by Sia

Lizzie – “Porcelain” by Moby

Menchu – “Namaste Sate Te” by Shivoham

Rachelle – “Mul Mantra” by Benjahmin Steele

Sarah-Jane – “Purple Rain” by Prince

Siobhan – “Pause” by Katie Kim

Sylvia – “Ide Were Were” by Deva Premel



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