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The evenings are getting longer and the temperature is slowly rising. Woohoo! One of the best things about yoga is the mobility within the practice, so why not broaden your horizons and get outdoors. So grab a hot flask of tea or coffee, wrap up and get active. There are an abundance of great places around Dublin that are scenic, spacious and relaxing. Any space is a platform to practice yoga but you don’t want to be doing it on Grafton Street so finding the right area which will enhance your practice is very important. There are a lot of pluses to exercising outdoors in a nice area whether it be breathing in clean air, taking in the relaxing sounds around you, or looking at lovely views. So here are YogaHub’s 6 best places in Dublin to practice Yoga- a short list of beautiful spots that are on your doorstep.


Portmarnock Beach – Dublin


The beach is a great place to relax, unwind and get active. One of the best beaches in Dublin is Portmarnock beach which is a large coastal beach which spans 5 miles. With a mixture of golden sand and grassy dunes perfect for morning routine followed by relaxing walk. Portmarnock beach is only 18 km from Dublin City Centre and is well worth the trip.

Silver Strand Beach – Wicklow

silver strand

If you are up for a little trip, Silver strand beach in Wicklow is the perfect destination. The beach is only 3km from Wicklow town or 53km from Dublin city center. Boasting spectacular views looking out onto the sea while being enclosed by cliffs. It really is the perfect surrounding to enjoy your practice. Only thing it’s a private beach so you will have to reach into your pocket.


Phoenix Park – Dublin

wildlife deer

A park is an ideal destination for practice and what better park in Dublin than the serene Pheonix Park. The phoenix park is a stone’s throw from the city center and is ideal place to get back to nature. It boasts large open landscapes with huge amounts of wildlife, the perfect place for a morning Om.

St Stephen’s Green Park – Dublin


St Stephens Green is a scenic open space bang in the heart of Dublin. It is perfect for a sneaky lunchtime yoga session. Next time you are feeling that yoga itch, just make a detour from work and enjoy the surroundings. Just watch out for the kamikaze pigeons


Iveagh Gardens – Dublin

iveagh gardens

The Iveagh Gardens is a lovely super cosy park in the middle of office spaces in Dublin. A small walk from most areas in Dublin city centre, the Iveagh gardens really is a forgotten gem full of culture and friendly people.

Dublin Castle Garden – Dublin

Dublin castle

Take in the historical backdrop in the heart of the city. Dublin Castle garden is a large open space behind Dublin Castle in the Dubh Linn historical site. The area is perfect for a midday routine and be sure to take in the bold artwork dotted around the garden.


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