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A few students have asked recently about one of the amazing scents that some of our teachers use. Although there are a number of different things teachers can to bring to class, Palo Santo is a favourite these days.

Palo Santo is a piece of wood from a wild tree that grows in Central and South America. A small piece of the Palo Santo wood is burned to let off a medicinal smoke. Its naturally sweet smoke is light, compared to the heaviness of incense or sage. It’s a great way to freshen up a room, and is very powerful in clearing energy.

Palo Santo can also be used as an extracted essential oil, but we’ll focus more on how we use it in our yoga class.

Here are a few benefits of burning Palo Santo:

1 – It smells amazing!

2 – Helps to calm and strengthen the immune system.

3 – Can be used as an antibacterial.

4 – Helps to keep away mosquitoes and bugs.

5 – Produces negative ions, which help to clear and purify space.

6 – The burning ritual and the scent of Palo Santo can help to reduce anxiety.

7 – Helps to restore the nervous system.

8 – Aids in meditation.

9 – Can help to bring clarity to the mind.

10 – It invites positive energy wherever it is burned.


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