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Last week we spoke about mindful ways to start your day, and this week we’re focusing on mindful ways to say goodnight. Try out these tips for mindfully ending your day.

Put your devices to bed. Take at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before bed without using a phone, computer, television, or any other electronic device. When you use electronic devices at nighttime, the light from the screen affects your waking and sleeping hormones. There are apps you can use to minimise this light, but devices can still promote stimulation that counteracts your sleep cycle. If you think about it, it takes energy for the mind to take in and process information. No matter what you’re watching or reading, you are asking your brain to work when it’s time to rest and rejuvenate. This can cause conflicting signals in the body. Try putting away your devices and opting for something else before sleep. There are many ways to help promote a good sleep, such as having a cup of tea, doing some light stretching, or star- or moon-gazing. Sometimes my boyfriend and I will make up funny stories or list all the little things that we love–laughing and smiling is a great way to go into dream time.

Organise your space. Give yourself the treat of an easy morning by having all your morning items set out and ready for when you wake up. Take the time to pick your clothes for the next day, or set out your utensils for making breakfast or your morning drink. If you like to journal when you wake up, place your journal in a comfortable place next to your favourite blanket, so that it’s waiting for you in the morning. Do something special for the You who will wake up the next day.

Set the mood. It’s easy to just fall into bed without thinking of it. Some of us may even collapse into bed after a long day. Try taking the time to set your resting space. Dim the lights, light some candles, put on some relaxing music, fluff your pillows and your duvet so they’re extra comfy. Make sure that you put away any electronics, and that everything is tidy in the bedroom. Electronics and clutter can lead to restless sleeping. If you have electronics that you can’t move from the bedroom, place a nice fabric over them so that it softens the room. At the end of your day, make it feel like a real treat to be going to bed!


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