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With the warm weather we’ve had in Dublin recently, it’s a great time to invite the energy of Summer into our practices.

Summer is all about Yang energy. Energy that is full of vitality, movement, light, and freedom. It’s connected to the energy of the sun, which we have all graciously welcomed. When we tap into this summer-time energy, we can use it to guide our practice and support our bodies through the changing seasons.

Keep the following practices in mind as you continue with your summer fun:

Go Outside. Spend time in nature! In Ireland, we have enough months of enjoying warm, comfy days inside. While summer is here, take the time to be out amongst the trees, listening to the birds, and exploring places you’ve never been. You can have fun in the parks or on the beach with your yoga practice. Or, you can simply meditate in your favourite outdoor location. One of the best ways to connect with nature is to meditate outside and listen to the world moving freely around you.

Sun Salutations. Most of us do some version of a sun salutation in any yoga given yoga class. But really pay attention to the movement the next time you do one. Embody the feeling of the movement as a true “Salute to the Sun”. As you raise your arms above your head, imagine that your fingers are catching rays of sunlight, and as you fire up your core energy throughout your flow, experience your own fire-y centre in your Solar Plexus–your sun centre.

Dance! Incorporate a bit of fun exploration in the middle of your practice. Bring in something spontaneous and new. The summer yang energy loves movement and expression. Find a space in your practice to laugh or smile or move joyously around your mat.

Enjoy your summer vitality and let it inspire your yogi rhythm.


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