During these summer days, nearly every yoga class feels like a hot yoga class! Whether you’re a hot yoga junkie, or you’re simply curious, here are some benefits to know about adding a bit of hot to your yoga.

1 – The heat can aid in flexibility. The heat in a hot yoga class helps to relax and rejuvenate muscles, similar to the feeling you’d get after taking a bath or being in a sauna. Of course, hot yoga is a little more active than being in a bath or sauna–but the effects on the muscles is similar. The only thing to note is that you may find you can stretch much further in a hot yoga class than you can in a regular yoga class. Be careful not to push too far because you may over-stretch your muscles and cause injury. Just enjoy the ease of the stretch in a hot yoga class rather than pushing to your furthest extent.

2 – Detox. You can probably guess that you’ll be sweating in a hot yoga class–A LOT. This amount of sweating can help with detoxifying and purifying the blood. Just remember to drink plenty of what to replenish your system. Bring a water bottle to class if needed.

3 – Adds a touch of cardio. While many yoga classes may seem like you’re not getting any cardio, hot yoga increases the heart rate to the point where you’re getting a more intense workout. While you won’t be doing any balancing postures, or anything like a handstand, you’ll get much more of what feels like a work out.

4 – Relaxation. The heat can sometimes have a relaxing effect for some people. Some find the heat supportive in breathing a bit more slowly and letting the mind drift into mediation. All yoga flow should incorporate meditative movement, so any environment that helps to support this is great.

You should note as well that hot yoga isn’t for everybody. There are many seasoned yoga teachers who don’t ever take hot yoga classes. But there are some people who benefit greatly from it. It’s important to listen to yourself and how it suits you. Especially note that it’s not suitable for those who are pregnant or have high or low blood pressure.


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