The heart is known as our seat of compassion. It’s where we love from. It’s what floods us with joy when our heart beams. Physiologically, the heart is connected to our central immune system. Just at the centre of the chest is the Thymus Gland. This gland is our immune regulator. Additionally, the area of the heart is connected to the lungs and our breath. So when we do heart openers, we are working with expanding and clarifying the breath, and also boosting the immune system.

Try out the following poses to live with an open heart, steady breath, and good health:

Anahatasana – This pose is also known as the “heart melting pose”. Make sure your hips are directly over your knees, and enjoy the stretch in your chest, shoulders, and arms as your heart melts to the earth.

Cat/Cow – The back of the heart and lungs is just as important as the front. Often when we think of the heart, we think of the front of the chest. But Cat/Cow sequence helps to focus the breath in the back of the body as well.

Camel – I’ve heard a number of people commenting that this pose lights them up like a firework. Be gentle when going into this pose, as it’s a strong stretch through the front of the body. And always when coming out, sit back towards the heels, rather than lifting forward.

Wild Thing – When living with an open heart, there’s an big element of trust involved. Trust in yourself, in others, and in life. When going into Wild Thing pose, you have to trust yourself and your foundation as you flow from three-legged downward dog into a long back bend.

Seated With Hands Over Heart – Seal your intention with your hands over your heart. Connect to the rhythm of your breath, see if you can feel your heartbeat. Imagine that you are breathing with your heart. Say Thank You to your body for all it does to support you.


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Rachelle is a lover of balance, of peaks and troughs, and healing, and all the details that move a person to be changed or challenged or contented. Her family are travellers and she’s has had the bug of wanderlust since birth. She was born in Ipswich, raised in Georgia, and has lived in Ireland for over 3 years. Through her travels, she’s learned the significance of the body as one’s home and how to find peace and strength in your own cells. She encourages her students to explore the stuff they’re made of in order to gain awareness of their connection with others and the world. Among that which inspires her are Alan Watts, waves, journeys, story sharing, and anything under the category of legumes. Currently she is training for her 500-hour certification with Yoga Therapy Ireland.

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