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I LOVE using props in my yoga practice. From using blocks to bring the ground up to you in a wide legged forward fold, to that bolster that feels so good under your legs in Savasana at the end of class, they have so much to offer. At a studio we’re spoiled for choice with blocks, bolsters, and blankets galore, but then our at home practice can start to feel like it’s missing something. If you don’t want to go breaking the bank on yoga props, there are some really handy alternatives to yoga props you could use that you probably have laying around the house anyway.


A great alternative to blocks are big thick books (think dictionaries) or stacks of books (just make sure they’re stable!) If you’re using two to place both hands on a height, like in standing splits, use two blocks that are the exact same height. Bonus points if you use a yoga-related book and read a few pages after your practice 😉


Use a belt, a scarf, or a tie – I think dressing gown belts are especially good because they’re nice and soft. You can always tie a knot if you need to create a loop. Just make sure the material isn’t stretchy and is strong enough to support your stretch, and you’re good to go.


Cushions and pillows can serve a very similar purpose to a bolster, and you can stack as many as feels good for you. If you like your bolsters a bit sturdier, see if you have an old sleeping bag that’s all rolled up lying around anywhere, and use that instead. You can always wrap a blanket around it to soften it a bit if that feels better.

Eye masks

A scarf draped over your eyes will keep out the light, and if you want to add some heaviness, you could wrap the scarf around a baggie filled with dry rice or beans or something similar.


…well, you can just use any ole blanket. Guess you didn’t really need our help for that one!

Do you have any other at-home yoga prop substitutes? Let us know!