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Intro to Vedic Chant Part 1 Saturday OCT 13 ~ Part 2 Saturday OCT 20

By October 2, 2012November 22nd, 2016Meditation, Mindfulness, Teachers, Workshops, Yoga

Teacher: Paul Whelan, Absolute Yoga

In April of 2009 Paul became a Certified Vedic Chant Teacher having studied and qualified with the KYM Vedavani, Chennai, India. He continued his studies with Vedavani in November 2010 in the KYm at Chennai, India where he had the privilege to study with Mr.Desikachar.

In December 2011- January 2012 Paul practiced Ashtanga Yogin Mysore and also studied a number of Upanishads with Prof. Jayashree on a one-to-one basis each evening during his stay.

Times:  3pm-5pm (Both Saturdays)

Rules of Vedic Chant

Setting the pitch for the group

Chants & meanings :-

~Gayatri Mantrah

~Ayurdehi Mantrah

~Shanti Mantras

Handouts will be provided and the following topics/chants to be covered :

Possibly 1 or 2 more chants if progress allows.

Listen to & absorb healing chants and Upanishads at end of each session.

Price: €50 (10% off Yoga Hub students)

Full-time Student  €35

Inquiries to


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