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So What’s with all this Hot Yoga?

By July 30, 2013November 7th, 2014Dublin, Humour, Teachers, Wellbeing, Yoga

group-yogaSo What’s with all this Hot Yoga? There’s a very good chance you’ve read that Craigslist yoga mat ad.

If not – you should – it’s fairly funny. Here it is at MindBodyGreen.

This ad very much confirmed my preconceptions about hot yoga and after a long period of raising eyebrows and sticking up my nose at the very concept of hot yoga, I attended a class at the Hot YogaHub.

I am not going to lie. You will sweat buckets. You should drink A LOT of water throughout the day beforehand and make sure you have water in class. You should wear lightweight and ‘as skimpy as you’re comfortable with’ clothes. Finally for the love of all that you hold dear, DO NOT forget to bring a towel – in fact bring 2 one for the mat and one for your brow.

But what’s the practice like? It is challenging. There is very little down dog or full inversions. Think core strengthening, hip opening and alignment. You will feel a lot more flexible due to the heat. I also find that I am more aware of muscle engagement.

I have heard many people say hot yoga is ‘cheating’. Practice is practice is practice. For the most part I am more than happy to take my time with poses, feeling the benefits from every opening no matter how big or small. Still there are times when I feel I’ve reached a plateau and the knowledge that I can go deeper in hot yoga is a lovely boost.

I was completely surprised at how much I like the Hot YogaHub and
I’ve gone back at least once a week since.  Personally, I’ve found it and the unusually warm summer we’re having very beneficial to improving my practice and my strength.

It may not be your cup of tea, but I’d recommend trying it  – you may surprise yourself.


Marie McPeak Guest Blogger and Passionate Yogini


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