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Step 1: Close your eyes and take 3 natural breaths in and out of your nose, counting to 3 seconds on every inhale and every exhale.

Step 2: Place both of your feet on the floor. Draw your attention to the soles of your feet connected to the earth. Take 30 seconds (about 5 long breaths) to notice how this feels.

Step 3: Place one hand over your belly button. Close your eyes and take 3 natural breaths. Notice the slight movement in your abdomen as you relax your belly and breathe.

Step 4: Roll out your shoulders and match the movement with your breath. Breathe in as your shoulders rise up towards your ears, and breathe out as your shoulders roll back and down. Do this for 3 rounds of breath.

Step 5: Think of 1 thing you are grateful for. This can be anything from the cup of coffee you had for breakfast, your bedsheets, the sun and/or the rain; to a favourite place, thing, or a person in your life. Close your eyes and bring a smile to your face. Let this image of gratitude flood your awareness.

Invite gratitude into your life as you start your day.


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