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Welcoming Menchu Hernandez to the Yoga Hub

By February 5, 2013March 7th, 2014Teachers, Yoga

Yoga for me is self exploration. I deeply believe that however I conduct Menchu Hernandezmyself on the mat is a metaphor of how I conduct myself in daily life; the mat is for me both a diary and a teacher; and also a healer. My two guides are ahimsa (compassion) and anicca (impermance), and my personal struggle is tapa (self-disciple), which makes me an eternal student. I am indebted to my own teachers, who showed me this path of self-knowledge; teaching and spreading the benefits of yoga is my way to say ‘thank you’ to them.

I was first introduced to Sun Salutations in 2000 in a physical acting course in London, but it was not until 2007 that I discovered yoga. At that time, I was trying to speed up the recovery of a running injury, and as soon as I was able to walk, I attended Hatha and Vinyasa classes. It was not long before I noticed that the strong practice and the breath awareness were the perfect combination to quiet my mind. One day, the teacher introduced us to yoga philosophy and led a heart opener session. That was when I fell in love with yoga.

In 2008, I continued my spiritual journey in the Netherlands, and became a Reiki II practitioner. In 2010, I completed a pre-yoga teacher training course with Hilary Brown and Marlene Henny, which helped me with my regular self-practice, and introduced me to meditation. In 2011, I undertook my first Vipassana meditation retreat, and last summer, I completed my teacher training under Yogacharya Lalit Kumar, Himalaya Yoga Valley, Cork.

Since then, I have been teaching (and learning from) adults with intellectual disabilities, enjoying every session.

My personal teaching style is energetic, light-hearted and integrative, with a Spanish accent.


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I started YogaHub out of a room at the back of someone else's house back in 2012 with nothing more than an idea. I'd been teaching Yoga since 2008 and had no intention of opening a Yoga Studio. I think, like everything I've done, I just decided one day I was going to give it a try. And try I did and if you're reading this I guess I'm still trying.

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