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Yoga has SO many awesome benefits, but for the sake of keeping things simple I’ve broken down my top ten. Enjoy!

      1. You practice Mindfulness without even knowing it.

The majority of Yoga classes will incorporate some form of meditation/breathwork, movement  and finish with 5-10 minutes of relaxation. Whether a 40 minute express class or a 2 hour workshop. You’ll find yourself becoming fully present in what you are doing during your time on the mat.

  1. Increased strength and flexibility

Yoga incorporates a wide variety of dynamic movements as well as static postures to help build strength, mobility and flexibility in the body. Even simple daily tasks like bending down to pick up the post or carrying the groceries will become a lot easier after a few Yoga classes under your belt.

  1. You will learn how to breathe properly

A main focus of any Yoga practice is the breath. The majority of us tend to breathe quite fast and shallow. Yoga teaches us to breathe a little deeper and use the fully capacity of our lung space.

  1. Better posture.

Sitting at desks, in cars, hunching over screens, endless hours sitting on couches watching our beloved Netflix. Our increasingly sedentary life can take its toll on our poor old backs. Yoga teaches us proper alignment and encourages us to sit/stand tall with shoulders back. Your spine will definitely thank you!

  1. You will probably meet some awesome yogis, make friends and become part of a community.

If you’ve decided to practice Yoga in a studio or gym or local community hall, chances are you’re going to meet a lot of other like-minded people while you’re there. Some of the best connections I’ve made has been with the people I’ve met at Yoga classes.

  1. You will sleep better

No more counting sheep. Yoga has this amazing way of calming the mind and body. Whether practicing first thing in the morning or last thing at night, your body will be more ready for a restful night of sleep.

  1. You will be more calm and collect in daily life off the mat

Traffic. Queues. Rude people. Delays. Phones. Emails. Work. We have a lot going on in our daily lives which can ‘set us off’ time to time. Yoga helps you tap back into that place where you can handle what life throws at you. Deep breaths.

  1. You will feel good

“I really regret going to that Yoga class”… said no on ever. Whether a strong vinyasa  or super chill restorative class, you’ll probably be in a much more positive mood boost after. Yay for endorphins 🙂

  1. Increased blood flow

They say sitting is the new smoking. Yoga can provide an awesome way to get blood and energy flowing through the body after a day at the desk or travelling (think long haul flights). Inversions (basically where you have your head below your heart) are a great way of getting blood flowing to the heart. Try a simple inversion of lying on the floor with legs up the wall for a few minutes. Bliss.

  1. Reduced stress levels

Nowadays, stress has become somewhat of an epidemic. Yoga provides us with useful tools we can use anytime we feel those stress levels begin to rise. Breathing techniques, gentle stretching, meditation, mindfulness or even just the feeling of rolling out the mat and knowing that you have that space to Just Be for  5, 10 or 60 minutes can all be a really good way of bringing those stress levels back down.

Anymore you can think of? Feel free to comment below 🙂

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Suzanne McGill

Author Suzanne McGill

Hi, I'm Suzanne. Long time lover of YogaHub. First coming as student, then completing my 200hr teacher training, and now currently teaching in the studios as well as helping out with admin side of things. Yoga is without a doubt my biggest passion in life so I'm happy to share some of my own insights with you here :)

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