Have you ever had a particularly crazy day when yoga saved your sanity? Here are a couple of examples we can remember and relate to when things get a bit wild.

  1. Those days when your balance is off. Even standing on your own two feet feels a bit strange and curious. You might find that yoga saves the day by bringing you back into balance… or even better, you might find a space to laugh with yourself as your poise and posture relax into a bit more silliness.
  2. When you need courage. There are times when life calls upon you to step up and support yourself. Yoga is amazing for sweeping in and showing you that you have all the strength you need.
  3. For learning compassion. It’s so easy for us all to be looking from our own heads (obviously). But, it’s important to be able to look outside of yourself and notice how others are. Yoga can teach you about community and compassion simply by showing up to class and being present and caring with others.
  4. When you need to let go. It seems to be part of being human to feel that we have control of life. I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember the last time I had to remember to beat my heart–because I don’t! Practicing yoga can offer an amazing space to notice all that you’re body does and all that operates without you having to do a thing. Let go into the feeling and enjoy.
  5. Hugs. Are hugs just infectious at yoga studios? I don’t know, but we all seem to love them!

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