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Follow the Image for 1 Breath, 2 Breaths or as long as you can and see how it affects your mood, your thoughts and your body. Try it now and come back to me















Feel any different? More relaxed, centred, calm?

We all have the tool of our breath and we have it available to us at any given moment. As you take your awareness to your breath you are beginning to practice Mindfulness. It’s as simple as that. And you can bring your awareness back to the breath and the memory of this image if it helps whenever you want to ground yourself.

You have the power to calm your mind at any given moment using this simple tool that you can access at any moment. If you think that it is impossible believe me you are not the only one! If your mind is used to working on overtime and you feel you can’t slow it down that is completely normal too. Your mind will tell you it doesn’t want to stop. It’s used to being very active and it might not like being told that you’d like a break.

Remember what it was like to learn anything that you have found helpful in your life? It’s not immediately going to be easy is it? Practicing Mindfulness is exactly the same. Following the breath is simple in theory but our minds tend to try to occupy themselves with thoughts and stories a lot of the time and we can get really frustrated when we realise that it’s not that easy to just tell our minds to stop!

I have found this practice so valuable in both my personal and professional life. And I don’t have to subscribe to something online, or join a club or invest in trainings. It is right here with me now and whenever I need it. How cool is that? Well I think so anyway 😉

Thanks for reading and until next time x



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