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Pitta Dosha Explained

The Productive Perfectionist

What is the Pitta Dosha?

We’ve already explored what it means to be aware of our ayurvedic dosha type, why it’s important for us to remain balanced, and also taken a look at the Vata dosha type in detail. If you’ve taken the tests you might now be aware if you’re Vata, Pitta, or Kapha.
If not, you can find out here.
This week we’re exploring the Pitta dosha!

Pitta Dosha Attributes

Pitta dosha is associated with the heat and spark of friction required for digestion – of both digestive and mental nature. This can mean that those with a dominant Pitta dosha are commonly either very intelligent, or prone to hot-headedness and intense need for control. Sometimes both.
This can be observed casually in those with notably strong will; the reliable, productive, hard-worker type. Their most common affliction becomes their need to achieve perfection and the danger of ‘burning out’, while the more positive aspect of this sees them regularly achieving difficult goals or levels of personal skill.
Digestion in terms of Pitta is seen as a form of transformation of heat and energy from one thing to another, and as such might imply that Pitta dosha types adjust well to change. Physically it can manifest as oily skin as the body engages in intense digestion, warm body temperature, strong appetite, and sometimes heartburn.

Common Disorders of Pitta Types

While heartburn is a common affliction of the Pitta types, so too is acne (due to oily skin), excess sweating, and light headedness. Mentally, imbalances of pitta can manifest as anger, irrational or intense emotions, sharp-tongued or quick-witted responses, and a need to spread ones ideas or opinions around. This can be understood in the sense of heat burning and like fire, the compulsion to spread out and master more and more territory, instead of remaining still.

Ways to Regulate Pitta

Pitta dosha types will notice that as their constitution is generally hot, they will find relief with a cooling, fresh kind of environment and remedies. Fresh fruits, open air, and raw foods are just some of the things which can help to counteract the heated and intense nature of Pitta dosha, with the wonderfully versatile nature of Ayurveda in itself meaning that almost anything can be used as remedy when used in the right context. Everything has a quality, and Ayurveda teaches us to use these qualities to our advantage to balance out our own quality (or dosha). For example, counteracting moistness with dryness, and heat with cooling and refreshment, etc.

Diet and Nutrition

pitta dosha

Some foods which help to balance the Pitta dosha type (pic:

While spicy, sour, and salty tastes increase pitta by increasing heat, sweet, bitter and astringent tastes will reduce these effects and more positively influence Pitta dosha types towards balance. There are a variety of publications and resources online to assist with ayurvedic cooking for your dosha type, but the main guideline for Pitta types to follow in terms of diet is one of freshness. Fruit and vegetables should be fresh, ideally not piping hot, and minimal in spices or flavourings.


The most common imbalance of the Pitta dosha manifests itself as a dominating force, with a person’s need to be in control of their environment, relationships, and entire life taking over their ability to enjoy these very things. Thus the most important thing for Pitta types to become aware of and to accept in this sense is to surrender, accepting themselves and circumstances for what they are. This can often prove the most difficult thing and the largest reason why Pitta types become hot-headed, stubborn and reluctant to let go of the reigns.

For Pittas who accept this truth however, life can become much easier. It can become enjoyable and even productive for those who have the drive and energy to manifest ideas, yet the calmness and surrender to also accept their lack of control over certain elements of them.

In the end it’s all about balance!


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