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On the last day of 2017, I read that 2018 is the year of spiritual awakening and transformation for many people. It’s an exciting time and we want to help you through it, so below we have listed some of the most common signs that deep transformation and spiritual awakening is happening in your life.

Your Belief Systems Have Evolved

This has happened for me, especially through practicing yoga and meditation daily. Yoga and meditation can be huge stepping stones in spiritual awakening, especially when you discover that yoga is much more than the postures. There’s so much history and so many interesting things to learn.

You Live Simply

As you evolve spiritually, you are naturally detached from materially things. Of course, we still like to have beautiful things but you don’t let them define who you are. You are most happy when you notice the beauty that surrounds you and the appreciate the people in your life (Especially yourself) on a deeper level.

You Are Drawn to Nature

Do you ever just want to be in nature? To walk on the beach or hike through a forest? If so, it’s because you are tapping into your connection with energy that flows through the earth.

You Are More Empathetic Towards Others

As you begin to open your heart you become vulnerable to feeling overwhelmed by the pain and suffering of others.

As you mature spiritually you will learn to be fully engaged with someone without getting overwhelmed by their feelings.

You Are Mindful of Your Body

You no longer feel the need to consume empty, sugar filled foods to boost your mood. Instead you want fresh, whole, organic foods that vibrate at a higher level.

As you become more spiritual you will become so much more thankful for your food. You will have a deeper appreciation for the earth that grew it and the people that produced it.

As we are beginning 2018, remember that the universe has your back and that it brings the possibility of a deep spiritual awakening for you and others. All you have to do is open yourself up to the transformation available to you.

When we go through transformations like this, it can be exhausting. Remember to be kind to yourself, others and our planet. And be sure to continue your yoga practice even when sometimes it can feel tougher than usually.


Have a wonderful week guys, and be sure to check out my blog!