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Keep developing your teaching skills with Continuing Professional Development courses at Yogahub Dublin. Helping you become a well rounded Yoga teacher!

March & April 2021 - Yoga Philosophy & The West with Shyam Ranganathan - Online

* Modules can be taken individually

6th March – Yoga Philosophy and the West Part 1: Understanding 

In this workshop we will contrast two basic approaches to understanding: one based on logical inference we could call “explication,” and the other based on what one believes or “interpretation.” While closely associated with the Western tradition (for historical reasons that will be discussed), interpretation violates basic requirements of reason but can also be shown to generate many of the -isms (such as racism) that we are contending with today. The contrast between the two options is entailed by the opening lines of the Yoga Sūtra (I.2-4): only one option is reasonable. Participants in this webinar will learn how to apply critical thinking skills in everyday life as part of their practice of yoga. Time will be devoted to exploring these issues with participants in live conversation. The connections between yoga practice and these considerations will be explored.

27th March – Yoga Philosophy and the West Part 2: History and Politics

In this workshop we contrasting the early stages of the history of Western philosophy and the history of South Asian philosophy is useful. For whereas Socrates was executed by the Athenian court for the alleged crime of promoting falls gods and corrupting the youth, philosophical disagreements about what gods to worship and how to raise the youth were thought to be the proper topic of public interaction in pre-colonial South Asia. Here, Yoga as one philosophical option rises to the surface of many dissenting options as it provides a way to think about public engagement as a matter of individual responsibility that allows for a diversity of individuals and perspectives. This has direct implications for practice. There are tell-tale signs as to whether one is engaging in yoga or not. And this has to do with the question of whether you engaging in explanations by way of your perspective, or whether you reject that there is anything exceptional about your perspective. Anthropocentrism and communitarianism are incompatible with this yoga deflation of one’s perspective. Time will be devoted to exploring these issues with participants in live conversation. The connections between yoga practice and these considerations will be explored.

3rd April – Yoga Philosophy and the West Part 3: Religion, Race, Nationalism

If we base our understanding of religion on examples familiar to the Western tradition, such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, it seems as though there is some basic commitment (such as a belief in God, and the afterlife) that characterizes religion. However, viewed globally, it becomes obvious that there is no such commonality, but that whether a position is considered as religious or spiritual has everything to do with the ethnic and racial origins of the theories: if something can be shown to be rooted in the Western tradition with roots in ancient Greek literature, it is called secular. If it comes from outside of this tradition, it is religion, or spirituality. But the same mechanism that elucidates the spread and creation of religious identity under colonialism (religious identities such as “Hinduism,” and “Buddhism”) explains the creation of racial and ethnic identities, along with the correlative racism, and xenophobic nationalism. Participants will be introduced to this history and given pointers of how to benefit from the intellectual contributions of Yoga and other non-western traditions, without participating in its history of discriminative marginalization. Time will be devoted to exploring these issues with participants in live conversation. The connections between yoga practice and these considerations will be explored.

17th April – Yoga Philosophy and the West Part 4: Ethical Theory

In this final instalment of our four part series, we will apply what we have learned from the previous three explorations to the challenge of explaining and understanding Yoga. What we find, in the application of Explication to this challenge is that there are four basic ethical theories the world over, and Yoga is one of them. The historical influence of this moral and political theory cannot be underestimated as it gives rise to the anti-colonial activism of M.K. Gandhi, inspires Martin Luther King Jr.’s Civil Rights movements, and underwrites a host of anti-speciesist, environmental and animal rights campaigns. Time will be devoted to exploring these issues with participants in live conversation. The connections between yoga practice and these considerations will be explored.

Course fee:
Early Bird before Feb 13th 2021: €55
Full Price after Feb 20th : €75
Can be taken as individual modules

May 2021 5hr Sequencing CPD with Adam Husler - Online


Asana is not the only path of yoga, but while we teach asana, we owe it to students to be teaching it in an informed, safe and considered way, that allows the development of; skill, understanding, flexibility and strength.The focus of this YA Accredited 5 hour CPD Training will be developing your skill in creating logical, consistent and effective sequences that will significantly boost the quality of your students’ experience in the short and long term. As part of this exploration we’ll:– Look at various styles of sequencing and an arc model that can be applied to all of them.

– Explore all you might consider when you think about sequencing

– Discover how asanas, their variations and how you cue them, can be best utilised in your chosen direction of travel.

– Discuss classroom practicalities and how that relates to sequencing and teaching method. Deconstruct poses in relation to sequencing

Open to teachers, trainees and intrigued practitioners.

12:30PM TO 5:30PM
Course fee: €57

Please email workshops@theyogahub.ie for more information

August 2021 - 50hr Sequencing School TT with Michael James Wong - Camden

KRAMA 5ohr Sequencing School with Michael James Wong
KRAMA Sequencing School is made up of 3 different modules; SATTVA, TAMAS & RAJAS 
SATTVA (20hrs) // Sequencing for a Balanced & Complete Practice
Anatomical Focus: Sagittal Plane; Grounding & Connection
SSY Masterclass Blueprint: Brahma Practice
Theme: Gunas
*This module has an additional 5hrs to introduce the SSY Class Planning Methodology & Model

TAMAS (15hrs) // Sequencing for a Strong & Powerful Practice

Anatomical Focus: Transverse Plane; Lunging & Twisting

SSY Masterclass Blueprint: Shiva Practice
Theme: Chakras and Vayus


RAJAS (15hrs) // Sequencing for a Slow & Subtle Body Practice

Anatomical Focus: Coronal Plane; Standing, Balancing & Inversions
Philosophical Focus: Vayus
SSY Masterclass Blueprint: Vishnu Practice
Theme: Koshas & Yamas/Niyamas


Class Planning and Teaching a Complete Practice

– Planning a Well Balanced and Practice

– Dropping the Arc, Teaching to the Circle


Left Brain Sequencing

– Anatomical Sequencing

– Posture families and groupings

– Safe Sequencing Do’s & Don’t

– Sequencing for all planes of motion


Right Brain Sequencing

– Theme Weaving

– integrating Philosophy

– Sharing Dharma

– Energetic Sequencing


Yogahub Camden

18th – 21st August 2021
9am – 6pm

Course fee:
1st 5 signups : €610
Full Price  : €720

All courses are Yoga Alliance Certified for CPD hours


Please email workshops@theyogahub.ie with any questions.

June 2021 - 50hr Rocket Yoga Teacher Training with Leon London - Camden

50hr Rocket Yoga Teacher Training with Leon London

Every day will include 2 Rocket Classes, 1 Workshop / Asana Clinic. Prepare to be challenged in a fun and supportive environment and to take your practice to another level!

The course will cover the following subjects:


Learn to teach Rocket 1 and Rocket 2 classes

Exploration into Rocket 3 (Happy Hour!!)

Handstands and Arm- balances Workshops – breaking down the techniques and drills for Arm balances, handstands and transitions

Learn the three faces of the practice (modification, classical and creative variation)

Adjusting / Assisting – Learn to effectively assist the foundational postures as well as the more advanced Asanas

Mat Markings – How use mat marking as an alignment aid, tailored to your body and practice


History of Rocket yoga – Legacy of Larry Schultz, the lineage of Krishnamacharya and Pattabhi Jois in Ashtanga

Usage and meaning of Mantras – Opening chants of Ashtanga’s lineages

Powerful and evocative mantras to incorporate into teachings

Introduction to the Yoga Sutras

Yamas and Niyamas in daily life – A guide to yoga off the mat


The Four purifications – we will look in detail at this powerful morning Pranayama sequence, used to purify and cleanse body and mind

Using the Mala beads as meditation and a Pranayama tool

When and how to apply Pranayama in personal practice and teachings

Ashtanga Pranayama

The Training is open to students with a strong Asana practice, as well as teachers who want to learn how to teach Rocket Inspired classes. We are very excited to see the Rocket Yoga community becoming international, and this training is aimed at getting more teachers and students from around the globe to incorporate the Rocket in their Personal Practice and teachings. Come and become a part of The Rocket community!

This is an official Rocket TT endorsed by Baba Rocket (AYP)!

*The training will count towards a 50 Hour CEU through Yoga Alliance


Yogahub Camden

14th – 19th June 2021
9:30am – 6pm

Course fee:
Early Bird before April 14th : €720
Full Price after April 14th : €775

Please email workshops@theyogahub.ie for more information