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100hr Sequencing Training with Michael James Wong - August 2022

KRAMA – Intelligent Sequencing & Teaching Techiques

Yogahub Camden
4th – 14th Aug 2022 
First 5 signups : €1350 (€1450 after)
Limited capacity
For teachers


*No training on 9th & 10th Aug – Rest days

KRAMA is our 100 hour training module and an immersion into intelligent sequencing & teaching techniques. As teachers our responsibly is to design and deliver a comprehensive and well balanced practice that offer both philosophical intention and anatomical attention.

This module will focus on establishing essential techniques for traditional and creative sequencing methodology that will help develop a deeper understanding on how to construct well structured practices. This module will also dive into the necessary techniques for delivering a clear and competent class and the business of yoga.

What We’ll Cover

50hrs – Intelligent Sequencing & Practice Blueprints

– Class Planning Techniques

– Principles of Intelligent Sequencing

– SSY Vinyasa Krama Methodology

– Dropping the arc, teaching to the circle

– Hierarchy of the experience

– Left Brain Sequencing

– Anatomical Sequencing

– Understanding posture groups and family of postures

– Safe sequencing do’s & don’ts

– Sequencing the 8 essential practice blueprints

– Right Brain Sequencing

– Sequencing with philosophy

– Theme weaving

– Sharing the 8 Dharmas

– Sequencing to the Subtle Body; Chakras, Gunas, Koshas

50hrs – Teaching Techniques & Business of Yoga

– Dialogue & verbal delivery

– Anatomical Cuing & creative cuing

– XYZ Teaching Methodology

– Holding space, making space & creating space

– Learn to teach ladder flow sequencing

– Building a yoga business

– Creating your community

– Online Teaching

– Insights for marketing, sales, planning and content production

All courses are Yoga Alliance Certified for CPD hours

Please email kate@yogahub.ie with any questions.

100hr Quiet Practices Training with Michael James Wong - October 2022

Kaivalya – Quiet Practices

Yogahub Camden
20th – 30th October 2022
First 5 signups : €1350 (€1450 after)
Limited capacity
For teachers


*No training on 24th & 25th Oct – Rest days

KAIVALYA is our 100 hour training module and an immersion into the quieter practices of teaching yoga. As teachers we must be more than the physical practice and postures and offer students a space to dive inward. This module is dedicated to the deepening your experience and understanding of subtle practices and support you as you expand your capacity to share these quieter side of yoga.

What We’ll Cover

50hrs – Quiet Practices & Embodied Mastery

– Meditation techniques for yoga teachers

– Being Techniqes

– Present Moment Awareness Techniques

– Focused Intention Techniques

– Pranayama techniques

– Sequences for longer practices

– Common and not so common techniques

– Subtle body energetics

– 5 Bodies Practices

– Sequences for Vayus practices

– Restorative Yoga practices for stress and anxiety

– Sequences for deep rest

– Introduction to yoga therapy

50hrs – Yoga Philosophy & Sacred Sadhana

– Yoga philosophy immersion into the traditions, systems and lineage of Yoga

– Deep dive Bhagavad Gita & Yoga Sutras

– Chronological history of yoga

– Sanskrit study and understanding of basic translations

– Pronunciation & conjungation

– Cultural understanding and ethics

– Myths and mythologies of Hindu deities

– Common and not so common deities

– Mantras, Kirtan and Bhakti Yoga

– Daily Kaivalya Practice

All courses are Yoga Alliance Certified for CPD hours

Please email kate@yogahub.ie with any questions.

Workshop Weekend with Erin Kelly & Anthony Difiglio - Sept 2022


Yogahub Camden
Fri 2nd – Sun 4th Sept
Full Weekend Early bird €225 (€250 after 1st July)
Friday 2nd Sept
6pm – 9pm
Funky Counter Balance Flow & Evening Introspection
Saturday 3rd Sept
10am – 1pm
Building Strength from the Ground Up
Saturday 3rd Sept
2pm – 5pm
Powerful Backbends-It’s All Connected
Sunday 4th Sept
10am – 1pm
The Fundamentals of Taking Flight-Inversions!

Sunday 4th Sept
2pm – 5pm
The Art of Twisting, Rolling, & Fluidity

Meet Erin & Anthony

Since 2018, Erin and Anthony have been collaborating together as educators for the 200 and 300-hour yoga teacher training programs with Authentic Movements. Erin is a traditionally trained yoga practitioner who’s stimulated by creatively altering routine practice into logical and exciting sequencing.

Anthony’s background in exercise, performance, and physiology brings an extraordinary range of teachings from strength to the subtleties of awareness. They both love pulling from other fields, breaking down traditions and common movements to see how minor shifts alter the entire experience.

You can often catch them in the gym or yoga studio after hours making fun of each other and acting like children to come up with fresh and unusual ways to express both the use and dismissal of concepts and opinions.

If you wish to add handstands into your flow or find more engagement in postures like downward dog and plank, the building blocks are surprisingly similar. We will focus on the foundations, encapsulating the tools necessary for beginners to more advanced practitioners. In this series of workshops, you’ll learn how to build awareness around the wrists and the importance of your connection to the ground for the longevity of your practice.

The wrists are arguably the most important asset to the yoga practice. From down dog to handstand, being able to load the hands is essential for the beginner to the advanced practitioner, which is why we are bringing the Feelio Blocks along for this workshop!

We look forward to seeing you there,

Erin & Anthony

Please email kate@yogahub.ie with any questions.