Breakfast Like A King – Going Green In Search Of Protein

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This the second blog post in a series. To see my first post about going green please follow the link here. Over the last two weeks I have actively altered my diet to exclude meat in at least one meal a day. There were some days I fell into old habits but for the most part the first two weeks have been a shining success. For this blog post I am going to concentrate on the most important meal of…

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Going Green In Search Of Protein

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As a youth growing up I was always led to believe meat was the one and only source of meaningful protein. A good portion of meat, a portion of rice or chips and a string of vegetables was my daily meal for the majority of my life. So to start an internship in HappyFood where I would be solely dealing with vegetarian foods was a bit of a scare and brought on some anxiety (I thought I would be constantly…

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