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How you practice on the mat, is how you will feel off the mat.

By Beginners, Laura Linehan, Mental Health, Mindfulness, Motivational

A student was talking to me after class recently and mentioned that her friend is really ‘good at yoga’ and that there are loads of people in class who are ‘better than her’. It strikes me that there is a tendency for all of us to focus on the aesthetic of the postures without really examining our thought patterns and judgements while we move through postures. That is to say, we automatically jump to how things look, and put the…

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Stop F*&?!ng Judging!

By Matt Quigley, Mindfulness, Motivational

When we visited the beautiful people over at Youth Nation yesterday to see where we’re at with YogaHub and HappyFood‘s social media and stuff they told us that our ‘marketing’, along with everyone elses’, should be all about storytelling. Why? Because we all love stories. We love movies, books, comedians, blogs, catching up with friends over coffee and ‘having the chats’. It’s all stories! What’s so valuable to realise here is that most of what’s going on inside our heads…

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