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Perfect Vegan Pancakes

By Dublin, Food, HappyFood, Healthy, Ireland, Jenny O'Neill, Mindfulness, Motivational, Recipes, Vegan, Wellbeing

Some Sundays I wake up and really want a lazy, quick, breakfast. Pancakes on the weekend are always a good idea to me, but eating stodgy dough made using eggs, milk and refined flour never leaves anyone feeling good. Pancakes seem impossible at first for a vegan breakfast, how do you replace eggs and milk, (and in my case the gluten in the flour) ? But I knew soaking chia seeds, plus a combination of banana would replace the eggs,…

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Raw Vegan Lemon Cheesecake

By Dublin, Food, HappyFood, Ireland, Jenny O'Neill, Mindfulness, Recipes, Vegan, Wellbeing

A few weeks ago I was going to a birthday dinner, a 24th birthday, where 5 out of the 10 there were vegan, the rest avid carnivores. I volunteered to make the birthday cake, someone suggested cheesecake so I thought here’s my chance to show the meat eaters how amazing vegan food is (on the sly) This is a combination of a few recipes I’d watched on Youtube before and mostly just me making it up on the spot. I’m…

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