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Inner Critic Yoga Help

The Inner Critic – How Yoga Can Help and Heal

By Community, Laura Linehan, Motivational, Teachers, Wellbeing

Last week was a really difficult one for me – and when I have a bad week, I look for inspiration. I found it in a really honest and raw episode of Rachel Brathen’s ‘From the Heart: Conversations With Yoga Girl’ podcast. In the podcast, Rachel discusses how Yoga Teacher Training became a really emotional experience as they delved into each trainee’s relationship to themselves and how yoga has impacted that relationship. Rachel discusses how each trainee was working with…

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How you practice on the mat, is how you will feel off the mat.

By Beginners, Laura Linehan, Mental Health, Mindfulness, Motivational

A student was talking to me after class recently and mentioned that her friend is really ‘good at yoga’ and that there are loads of people in class who are ‘better than her’. It strikes me that there is a tendency for all of us to focus on the aesthetic of the postures without really examining our thought patterns and judgements while we move through postures. That is to say, we automatically jump to how things look, and put the…

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3 Ways to Take Your Practice Off the Mat

By Laura Linehan, Mindfulness, Motivational, Wellbeing, Yoga

Many people keep coming back to yoga is for the physical benefits – you can get a whole lot healthier, fitter and more flexible in yoga. But for many many more, the mental impact of yoga is the best (and sometimes unexpected) benefit of yoga. If you are working on feeling calmer and happier and want to know how yoga can support you, practice yoga with these things in mind. Yoga is a place to explore your breath. The breath…

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Making Time for Yoga When Life Gets Busy

By Laura Linehan, Mental Health, Motivational, Wellbeing, Yoga

There are times when everyone hits a bit of a yoga slump, when your schedule starts to fill up and making time for your yoga practice takes a back seat. The immediate things (texts, emails, work engagements) overpower the important things (health, happiness, peace of mind) and you start to feel a little ‘off’ and don’t know why. When this happens, you might notice a quiet little voice in your head saying ‘slow down’ which you promptly ignore because oh-look-my-phone-beeped-must-answer-now….

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Yoga Cheatsheet for Beginners

By Dublin, Laura Linehan, Students, Teachers, Yoga

If you’re new to yoga and joining mixed level classes with more experienced yogis, it’s normal to feel unsure of some of the postures when a teacher cues them to the class. Here’s a cheatsheet with 3 commonly used yoga cues and how I interpret them. Chaturanga In flow classes, you’ll usually have a lot of ‘chaturangas’. This is when you flow down from a plank position to slowly lower your body to the mat on the exhale. Keep your…

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Flexibility Vs. Strength In Yoga

By Asana, Dublin, Ireland, Mindfulness, Motivational, Rachelle Hicks, Students, Teachers, Wellbeing, Yoga, YogaHub

There are so many people who start yoga with the intention of gaining flexibility. While this is a huge benefit from keeping a consistent yoga practice, it’s not the only thing thing that your body will gain from learning asanas and yoga sequences. Would you believe that, in terms of keeping a sustainable, healthy yoga practice, strength building is equally as important as gaining flexibility? There is a saying from a book written more than 1,700 years ago in regards…

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Ikigai – What Do You Really Want?

By Dublin, Ireland, Meditation, Mindfulness, Motivational, Wellbeing, Yoga, YogaHub

Ikigai   No, it’s not the contact details of that oddly-smelling dude from the bar last weekend who you assured you’d text after one too many cocktails. (iki-guy, get it? ….). I recently stumbled upon this picture of a venn diagram centred around the word ‘ikigai’ in an article on, and through a bit more research, was truly uplifted by what I read. ‘Ikigai’ is a Japanese word which translates to ‘the reason for being’ or a ‘reason to wake up…

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Routine is King: 5 Ways To Create Your Perfect Day – YogaHub

By Dublin, Meditation, Mindfulness, Motivational, Wellbeing, Yoga

My daily routine is vitally important. By following a consistent daily schedule I am in complete control of whether or not I have a good day. My routine is most important from Monday to Friday as I have to make the time to do the things I love before work. Here are a few things I have applied to my daily life in order to enhance my physical and mental health. 1. Get up early This takes work and commitment….

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YogaHub Teacher Training: The Halfway Point! – YogaHub

By Dublin, Ireland, Motivational, Teachers, Wellbeing, Yoga, YogaHub

I am delighted to say that I am halfway through my 200 hour yoga teacher training program at YogaHub. The course began in September 2015 and runs for one weekend a month until June 2016. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience to date although at certain points it has been challenging. Here are a couple of valuable lessons that I have learnt during the training process. Learning and development begins outside your comfort zone On the first Friday evening of…

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5 Exercises To Activate Your Ass: Defeat “Dead Ass Syndrome” – YogaHub

By Motivational, Wellbeing, Yoga

I’m sitting down to write this after a long day at the office. When I add it up, I have spent over 8 hours sitting on my ass today. With this in mind it is of no surprise that my glutes are well and truly de-activated for a large portion of the day. This is the case for the majority of the population that work in an office environment. Unfortunately these working conditions have caused a “Dead Ass Syndrome” epidemic. “Dead arse” or “Dead Ass Syndrome”…

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