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10 signs you’re turning into a yogi.

By Dublin, Ireland, Meditation, Mindfulness, Motivational, Teachers, Wellbeing, Yoga, YogaHub

You don’t know how it happened. One day, you were a totally normal human who for some reason decided to try a yoga class. Maybe you wanted to finally be able to touch your toes, maybe you wanted a nice butt, maybe you wanted a calmer mind, maybe you wanted complete spiritual enlightenment. Whatever your reason for finding our way to that first class, the obsession seed was planted, and before you know it… You find yourself standing in Tree…

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10 Yogi Tips to get the most out of your first yoga class

By Yoga

When it comes to trying out your first yoga class, not knowing what to expect, what to wear, or what to do can be a bit nerve-wracking. But never fear! We’re here to guide you through our top 10 tips that will help you get the most out of your class, and go in feeling confident and excited. And leave feeling better than ever!   First things first. Say hello! On your first class, it’s important that the teacher knows that…

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Get grounded with Muladhara – The Root Chakra

By Asana, Ayurveda, Dublin, Healthy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Yoga, YogaHub

Muladhara The root chakra, or Muladhara, is located at your tailbone, and extends to include your legs and feet. Representing the beginning of your spiritual development, the root chakra is literally your root, your base, there to ground you. Representing who you are at your core, who and what you trust, and your sense of belonging and tradition, the root chakra’s desire is survival, self-sufficiency, and stability. It governs how we deal with things like family, money, basic needs, and…

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6 Things Any Man Should Know Before Their First Yoga Class. Yoga for Men 101

By Asana, Dublin, Matt Quigley, Motivational, Wellbeing, Yoga, YogaHub

When I did my first training to become a Yoga Teacher I had never been to a Yoga Studio and I didn’t have a clue about the whole ‘Yoga Industry’ as it wasn’t something I was interested in. I was just interested in the practice and didn’t care whether I was practicing beside 30 men or 30 women. And it’s just as well as when I arrived at Anand Prikash Ashram in Rishikesh I was the only man in our…

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Metta Bhavana: Part I

By Asana, Dublin, Ireland, Meditation, Mindfulness, Motivational, Rachelle Hicks, Teachers, Wellbeing, Yoga, YogaHub

You can do this right now. Really, you can. It’s step 1 of Metta Bhavana.   Close your eyes and say to yourself, May I be well. May I be happy. May I be peaceful. May I be filled with love and kindness.   How did that feel? Was it weird? Okay, do it again. Close your eyes and imagine you’re having a really deep conversation with yourself. You’ve just sat down for a long-awaited coffee with You. Or, better…

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Outdoor Yoga by the Yoga Hub for Action Aid

By Asana, Dublin, Ireland, Yoga

Outdoor Yoga by YogaHub. Each and every Saturday and Sunday in Herbert Park (11.30am) and Phoenix Park (11am) respectively. The teacher donates their time and experience. Each and everyone who attends donates (Minimum €5). Each and Every week it goes to a different charity chosen by YogaHub, the teacher or the participants. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

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An Interview with Poncho Cottier

By Asana, Dublin, Teachers, Workshops, Yoga

We’re so excited to finally have Poncho Cottier joining us at the YogaHub Dublin next month. This, like all of our events with teachers from overseas, can and has taken 2 years to organise as Poncho’s schedule is so busy so we are very grateful for this opportunity. So who is Poncho Cottier and what can we expect in his upcoming weekend of Workshops? We would have interviewed Poncho on video but he is currently on an island teaching where…

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Jason Crandell is asked Toes Pointed or Feet Flexed in Handstand

By Asana, Dublin, Teachers, Workshops, Yoga

Jason Crandell joined us at the Yoga Hub for a weekend of informative and fun workshops. Someone asked the question ‘Should you have your toes pointed upwards or feet flexed in Handstand?’ which comes up a lot and we got his reponse on video so why not share? If anyone is wondering who’s the super cool Yogini who is kindly assisting in Jason’s demonstration that’s Laila Frafar….. Thanks Laila x

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Rachel Brathen at The Yoga Hub – February 2014

By Ireland, Workshops

This month we hosted one of the world’s most popular, young, international yoga teachers out there – Rachel Brathen. Rachel is a relatively new teacher on the International Workshop circuit; growing her popular Instagram handle – Yoga Girl – to full-time International Teacher and Handstand Pro in under 2 years. Born in Sweden, a University town called Uppsala just outside Stockholm, Rachel finished school at 18, and feeling uneasy in her situation and in her own skin, decided she needed…

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