Fresh And Present In A Chair – A Story All About How, Yoga And Meditation Keeps Mike From Getting Down

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Here is a little rap I put together. The words are below but you can follow it more clearly by watching the video. This is my first outing as a rapper but it explains how I got into meditation. Hope you enjoy:). Fresh and Present In a Chair Now this is a story all about how, Yoga and meditation keeps me from getting down, And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I learnt…

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Find Calm In The Chaos – YogaHub

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It’s possible. Honestly, I really felt it. To find calm in the chaos. And, whoa, Dublin, it’s nice to finally meet you. I recommend it. Stop on the sidewalk for 5 minutes and really take a look at your surroundings. Smile at someone you might otherwise pass by. Find a space in your day to say HELLO to the city you live in. It has stuff to say back. Be still long enough to listen. You might find that the…

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The Transformational Effect of Yoga and Mindfulness

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Can you feel it yet? A palpable shift in people’s perceptions. Our priorities are changing. We want fit healthy bodies and fit healthy minds. So many people are getting involved in yoga for precisely those reasons and once they are on the mat they realise there is a bit more depth than at first meets the eye. So many of us are interested in health, fitness and well-being these days. It is across generations, not just one demographic. We are…

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Electric Picnic Recovery with YogaHub

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  Water. Drink it, splash it on your face, rub it on your elbows, submerge yourself. Hydrate Fully.   Get clean. 3 or more baths are not too many!   Rest your ears. After a weekend of aural bliss, be kind to your hearing. Ears also love blankets and pillows and massages.   Focus on the simple things. Like tea and chickpeas and hermit crabs.   Laugh! Avoid the festival comedown by watching a movie, telling stories, or looking at…

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