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So What’s with all this Hot Yoga?

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So What’s with all this Hot Yoga? There’s a very good chance you’ve read that Craigslist yoga mat ad. If not – you should – it’s fairly funny. Here it is at MindBodyGreen. This ad very much confirmed my preconceptions about hot yoga and after a long period of raising eyebrows and sticking up my nose at the very concept of hot yoga, I attended a class at the Hot YogaHub. I am not going to lie. You will sweat…

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You do Enough

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Haven’t been on this Blog in a while. Took some time out for myself after the first Year of all things Yoga Hub. Time to pause, time to reflect, time for me. I hope you manage to do the same in whatever way works for you. I have finally registered for what in the past I thought was unthinkable and now feel that it is the right time and, in fact, I can’t wait. Drumroll – Vippasana. If you’re not…

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The Good News About Cancer

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    I love these infographics. Yoga is Preventative Medicine. Anything that involves us actively taking time out for ourselves is preventative medicine. We know what is bad for us and we know what is good whether we’re listening or not. I know that it is sometimes hard to stop, to reflect because some of the things that are underlying we don’t want to come up. That is why they are underlying. Could these underlying feelings (samskaras) be described as…

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We Love Tea

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  What’s your favourite Tea?? Right now at YogaHub HQ we’re seriously digging Nettle and Rosehip. Feels good, it is good and there’s nothing wrong with that. Have a great one!!!  

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Lisa’s 10 Things to Make January Sweeter

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Our first Guest blogger gives some ideas for January. Thanks Lisa:-) Lisa Quish teaches at the Yoga Hub on Wednesday evenings. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment. 1. Welcome & embrace not just the New Year but this minute, this hour& this day 2. Climb the Spink in Wicklow (only 380m & 9km) 3. Buy a painting/photograph (as a tribute to Irish Art) 4. Mess around in the kitchen. 5.light a fire and get stuck into a few yoga…

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