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Just Mix and Bake Vegan Carrot Cake !

By Dublin, Food, Healthy, Ireland, Jenny O'Neill, Recipes, Vegan

This cake is incredibly easy to make, all you need is one mixing bowl, a loaf tin and a grater (or food processor for the even quicker option). I’ve brought this to BBQs full of omnivores and vegans alike they’ve never guessed it’s egg and dairy free ! Kids love it too, it’s sweet, spiced and spongey 🙂 In fact everyone loves it, it’s a tasty cake! Most of the ingredients are things you would have on hand in the…

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Vegan Banana and Walnut Breakfast Muffins

By Dublin, Food, HappyFood, Healthy, Jenny O'Neill, Recipes, Vegan, Wellbeing

Sometimes you need a quick grab and go breakfast. As for gluten free and vegan options, fruit is the answer of course, or gluten free oats. So I’ve combined the two into yummy hearty muffins that you can bake the night before. These muffins have no cholesterol, no added fats, and no refined white sugar (as the muffins you buy in coffee shops do). Not to mention they are packed with fibre, potassium from both the bananas and walnuts. Along…

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Cheats Gluten Free Vegan Pizza

By Dublin, Food, HappyFood, Ireland, Jenny O'Neill, Recipes, Vegan, Wellbeing

When life gets hectic, food can either be the first or last thing on your mind. For me I want something tasty, but with minimal effort. Pizza is a crowd pleaser, I have yet to meet someone who tells me they don’t enjoy a pizza. Pizza is also one of the things that people are concerned about when they hear you are a vegan or consider a vegan diet themselves, but fear not. There’s plenty of vegan pizza to go…

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Cheesy Low Fat Vegan Pasta Bake

By Dublin, Food, HappyFood, Healthy, Ireland, Jenny O'Neill, Motivational, Recipes, Vegan, Wellbeing

A lot of people I speak to about veganism say they could never live without cheese. And a lot of those who make the move to vegan say they miss cheese, but there are so many ways to make your own, or of course buy some there’s plenty of really tasty ones becoming available lately! The trouble is sometimes you can’t get to a health store to buy some vegan cheese, or the ingredients to make your own can be…

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Vegan Steaks, Fried Rice, á la Cauli

By Dublin, Food, HappyFood, Healthy, Ireland, Jenny O'Neill, Motivational, Recipes, Vegan

Cauliflower is an underrated vegetable. It’s rich in vitamin C and fibre, and it’s totally fat free and tasty of course! As well as being free from gluten and sugar if that’s how you roll. I set myself the challenge of making a vegan meal for two, using only one cauliflower along with spices and a few other small vegetables for flavour. I made 2 ‘asian style’ vegan steaks, so delicious, char grilled, smoky, savoury and satisfying. I served the…

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Vegan Vietnamese Style Rice Rolls

By Dublin, Food, HappyFood, Healthy, Ireland, Jenny O'Neill, Motivational, Recipes, Vegan, Wellbeing

During my time travelling in South East Asia last year, I spent some time in Vietnam. The people, the country itself and the food were amazing! Since I’ve been back I’ve been craving some Vietnamese cuisine, specifically rice rolls, with a sweet peanut dipping sauce. I headed to the Asian market and picked up rice paper and rice vermicelli. The rest of the ingredients were things I had at home anyway! My recipe for these is both gluten free and…

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Oil Free Sun Dried Tomato Hummus – Vegan Recipes

By Dublin, Food, Healthy, Ireland, Jenny O'Neill, Mindfulness, Motivational, Recipes, Vegan, Wellbeing

I love hummus. Everyone loves hummus, especially vegans. It’s great on toast, with salads, as a sandwich filling and so much more. The only thing is store bought hummus and most traditional recipes use a lot of oil in their recipes. Now extra virgin olive oil has plenty of health benefits, omegas and essential fatty acids that are important in any diet, vegan or not. But, when you have a hummus addiction like me all this oil starts to accumulate,…

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Fat Free Risotto with Vegan Parmesan

By Dublin, Food, HappyFood, Healthy, Ireland, Jenny O'Neill, Mindfulness, Motivational, Recipes, Vegan, Wellbeing

Risotto is one of those dishes that people order in a restaurant, but rarely make at home. And of course classic risotto is laced with butter, cheese and oil, not the healthiest and not for vegans for sure. This recipe is for a really tasty risotto that you can make and serve for dinner, everyone will like it even non-vegans 😉 This is not the traditional way to make a risotto, this simply my Sunday evening improvisation when I want…

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Raw Vegan Lemon Cheesecake

By Dublin, Food, HappyFood, Ireland, Jenny O'Neill, Mindfulness, Recipes, Vegan, Wellbeing

A few weeks ago I was going to a birthday dinner, a 24th birthday, where 5 out of the 10 there were vegan, the rest avid carnivores. I volunteered to make the birthday cake, someone suggested cheesecake so I thought here’s my chance to show the meat eaters how amazing vegan food is (on the sly) This is a combination of a few recipes I’d watched on Youtube before and mostly just me making it up on the spot. I’m…

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Kathryn Budig, Yoga Hub Radio and Happy Food

By Dublin, Ireland, Teachers, Workshops, Yoga

Here’s a Link to our September Newsletter   Kathryn arrives next week to teach some amazing Workshops in Dublin. Not to be missed. Yoga Hub Members if you haven’t registered yet get in touch We’ll be hitting the Airwaves from next week as we begin our partnership with long time friends and general all round legends Radiomade. To include interviews with Teachers, Therapists, Healers, Activists along with anything else of interest to the Yoga Hub Teachers and students. So…

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