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Guest Blog

Vegan Vietnamese Style Rice Rolls

By Dublin, Food, HappyFood, Healthy, Ireland, Jenny O'Neill, Motivational, Recipes, Vegan, Wellbeing

During my time travelling in South East Asia last year, I spent some time in Vietnam. The people, the country itself and the food were amazing! Since I’ve been back I’ve been craving some Vietnamese cuisine, specifically rice rolls, with a sweet peanut dipping sauce. I headed to the Asian market and picked up rice paper and rice vermicelli. The rest of the ingredients were things I had at home anyway! My recipe for these is both gluten free and…

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Must Kill Robots: 3 Simple Ways To Be More Human

By Dublin, Ireland, Wellbeing, Yoga

There is no doubt that we are becoming more and more robotic in modern society. We go about our day without questioning the reason as to why we have to constantly review our facebook newsfeed whilst we starve ourselves of real social connection. Our smart phones have become our best friends and this is why it is easier to meet your life partner on the internet than it is to meet them on the street. Most of our social interaction is through email, text message…

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Wellness Defined

By Yoga

Hello from New York City! I’m so excited to be contributing my first international post for the amazing Yoga Hub. My name is Natalie Rado (soon to be Natalie McClure in 6 short weeks). I’m a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and owner of Be Well: Fitness by Natalie. I’ve been running around this great city for 8 years, training my clients in their apartments, apartment building gyms, personal training gyms and at an…

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Lisa’s 10 Things to Make January Sweeter

By Wellbeing

Our first Guest blogger gives some ideas for January. Thanks Lisa:-) Lisa Quish teaches at the Yoga Hub on Wednesday evenings. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment. 1. Welcome & embrace not just the New Year but this minute, this hour& this day 2. Climb the Spink in Wicklow (only 380m & 9km) 3. Buy a painting/photograph (as a tribute to Irish Art) 4. Mess around in the kitchen. 5.light a fire and get stuck into a few yoga…

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